How to make your garden standout

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How To Make Your Garden Standout

Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes of homeowners, as it can be a very rewarding project that can be achieved at a very low cost.  Especially when it involves work in the cool, sunny weather of the spring, and the reward comes throughout the rest of the year, gardening can be a continually surprising and engaging project for a novice gardener and the whole family.  Make your garden really pop by implementing a few of these inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing ideas in your own backyard.

Aesthetic Pleasures:  Flowers and Vines

There are plenty of impressive flowers that you can plant in your garden that are easy to care for and perfect for novice gardeners to work with. Select a spread of perennial flowers that bloom over differing months, so that you can enjoy the benefits of your work throughout all of the spring and summer. 

Unusual colourful flowers, such as the Liatris or Blazing Star, require little care and bloom for over six weeks, but will stand out because they are not a standard in the common garden.  Springtime tulip bulbs are also an easy gateway flower to work with in your garden, because of the fun of planting the bulbs and rotating them yearly to produce the best results. 

They also serve as nice flowers for a cutting garden to brighten up your home as well.  Mandevilla is a beautiful vine that looks exotic and fancy, yet it requires fairly little care from a gardener and grows quite easily.

How to Balance your Garden:  Seed Mixtures

Empty spaces are often the biggest problem for aspiring gardeners:  how does one fill empty soil in a new and exciting way, especially on a budget?  Wildflower seed mixes can be an answer to this common problem.  Gardening can be as simple as sprinkling wildflower seeds into random spaces and allowing the results to bloom as a surprise. 

These seed mixes will contain many perennials and annuals – so some flowers that will appear only once, and some that will come back year after year.  Seeds tend to be selected for this mix that will reproduce themselves easily, so much of the worrying is taken out of the process with these seed mixes.  Look for some brands that are a bit more expensive than others which promise exotic and colourful flowers so that your garden stands out.

Fruits of your Labor:  Impressive Edible Plants

Nothing is more tasty in the summertime than a fresh, homegrown tomato or corn picked straight from the stalk, shucked, and roasted on the grill.  However, sometimes these vegetables require a different kind of investment than your flowers and vines. 

Consider purchasing not seeds, but seedlings, for your vegetable garden.  Tomato plants can produce lots of yummy treats, but the chances of them successfully growing increase if you buy plants that are already starting to grow.  This also holds true for fancy peppers and pretty pea plants.  

Consider making your garden really exciting with large autumn vegetables.  Do you have a taste for pumpkins or squash?  These can be very successfully planted with seeds (instead of from seedlings) and it can be quite fun to anticipate the large pumpkins that will be grown in time for the late autumn holidays.

Overall, remember that a big portion of the project of having a garden is the continual care of your plants.  Be sure to feed your plants with the minerals and water necessary for good growth, and make sure that you are planting in soil that is healthy so that your plants grow in a good ecosystem. 

Continually remove the weeds from your garden so that your bright flowers and exotic vines make a strong impression to your visitors.  With a little energy, money, and time, you can create a high class garden in your own backyard.


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