How to get your garden ready for the festive season

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How To Get Your Garden Ready For The Festive Season

We might still be a few months away from Christmas, but it’s never too early to start those all-important festive preparations in your garden. 

Whether you’ve got acres to work with or just a small patio and pergola, there’s always a way to make your garden look cosy. If you’ve got young children, this could be an extra special touch to help you add that magical atmosphere they crave.

No matter your plans for Christmas, it’s worth knowing some of the best festive ideas for your lawn, porch and patio for the holiday season.

Festive garden ideas: How to prepare your garden for Christmas

Tidy things up

Firstly, if you’ve been wrapped up inside the house over the cold winter months so far, it’s possible that your garden might need a little bit of a spruce-up before your Christmas guests arrive.

Try to work your way around in stages, tidying the edges of flower beds, cleaning mud away from flowerpots and pavement slabs, and rearranging if possible. Once you’ve given everything its own little place, you’ll have a much clearer picture of the space you have available to work with during the rest of your festive decoration project. 

Add atmosphere with lighting

Not only does garden lighting help you to find your way along the pavement as the dark nights draw in, but they can also add a cosy and inviting ambience to your outside space. From warm whites to twinkling multicoloured bulbs, the possibilities are endless too. You could even go

When they’re chosen thoughtfully and hung up effectively, outdoor Christmas lights can transform an ordinary garden into a winter wonderland. Just make sure to remember that if you need to use a ladder to hang up your lights, it’s always worth working with a friend or family member to help you decorate safely.

Plant some seasonal flowers

Give your garden a pop of colour by adding some seasonal flowers and shrubs. Even though the most popular household blooms might not survive the harsh winter temperatures.

Over the festive period, household favourites include red roses, azalea, amaryllis, and the iconic poinsettia plant. Christmas shrubs and berries can be constructed into delightful wreaths or centrepieces, which should survive for a couple of weeks outside the house. Make sure you’ve looked at some of the best Christmas wreath ideas to inspire your project.

Consider a fire pit

If you’re planning to have a large group of friends or family staying over the holidays, putting a fire pit in your garden could ensure that you can make lasting memories together. 

Being huddled under a blanket near the fire is all part of the magical winter experience, especially in the UK. From roasting marshmallows on a stick to sharing haunting ghost stories together, there are so many things you can do around the fire.

Don’t forget the tree

Lastly, remember that you can have a Christmas tree in your garden too! If you’ve found a suitable outdoor stand and you have room for the shrub itself, placing a Christmas tree in your garden will be sure to inspire passersby and your own family too.

To help you have a greener Christmas, it’s worth knowing that there are several ways to recycle your tree. The garden is always a great place to start, helping you respect your natural environment all through the year.

From trimming the hedgerows to tidying up your plant pots, there are so many smaller tasks that could help you to build a winter wonderland. With a little bit of preparation, your garden will be looking festive in no time.


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