How to dispose of soil

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How to Dispose of Soil

After working a landscaping project in your garden, you may be left wondering what to do with quantities of soil that you no longer need.

It’s important to know how to dispose of soil safely and legally, and plan this part of your project when considering time and cost implications. Soil cannot be added to your general household waste bin. There are a few options to consider when thinking about how to get rid of soil, we’ve included some of them here.

Use it Yourself for Another Project

This is one of the most straightforward options for how to dispose of soil. If you are doing other work in your garden, have a think about whether you could use the soil elsewhere for another project. Perhaps you need to fill in an old pond, or top up some flower beds with soil.

Depending on what you are using the soil for, you might want to sieve it and remove large stones and debris, or it could be as easy as just shovelling it straight from one place to another!

Give Soil Away – Advertise it Locally or Online

Some people need extra soil for their own garden projects and will happily come and get rid of excess soil for you. Local selling sites and message boards are a great free place to advertise soil for collection.

Use the advert to let people know if the soil is particularly good quality, for example if you’ve removed soil from raised beds or fertile land it could easily be used again on allotments or other garden projects. Others will be interested in any quality or grade of soil, particularly if they need a bulk volume of material to increase the height of a garden feature or landscaping project.

Take Soil to the Tip

Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) usually have a small charge for disposing of soil and rubble, and there may be a limit on the volume or number of bags you can get rid of. You can check with your local HWRC to find out their charges and restrictions in advance.

Don’t forget if you want to get rid of soil yourself at the tip, you’ll need to transport it there first. Soil can be messy and heavy, and this only increases if the soil gets wet; so, if you are creating a pile of soil to get rid of, try to keep it as dry as possible. Make sure you protect the interior of your car too, and possibly recruit some strong friends or family members to help out!

Hire a Skip

If you need to dispose of soil in larger quantities, then skip hire might be the most convenient solution for you. Hiring a skip means you can load the soil as you go, saving you time and keeping all the mess in one place. You can also cover the skip to stop the soil from getting wet.

Once you’ve finished with your skip it will be collected at a time to suit you, and the contents will be disposed of properly.

Whether you need a skip that will fit on your driveway, or if you need a permit to store a skip on the road, our team of friendly experts will find the most suitable solution for your needs.


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