How to create a unique garden your family will want to spend time in

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How To Create A Unique Garden Your Family Will Want To Spend Time In

Whether your home has a large garden or a tiny space for your family to enjoy, it can be challenging to create a space that everyone will want to spend time in. However, there are plenty of ways to transform your space into an elegant outdoor retreat for the adults and a playtime paradise for the children. In our guide, we’ll help you create the perfect space that everyone will love.

Gallery Wall

Create a display of planters and frames on an outside wall, shed, or fence in your garden, in the same way, you would with photos inside your home. Old wooden frames, decorative tine plant pots, and vintage-style hanging outdoor lights will transform a wall in your garden into a chic feature to create a talking point for your guests. When hanging plants, ensure you drill holes in the base of the pots to create drainage for your plants, or they could become waterlogged. Place the unique feature behind or above your seating to turn the area from plain into a stylish place to relax and entertain. 

Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor grill for barbeques is one thing, but having a miniature outdoor kitchen will transform your garden parties. Choose slim, compact surfaces on one side of your patio in order to prepare food outdoors with your guests to give them a show before your throw the food on the grill or in an outdoor stone oven. A great way to add decoration to your outdoor kitchen is to hang ornate pots to store your utensils in after cooking. As the outdoor temperature drops, you can enjoy the warmth still radiating from your outdoor kitchen so that you and your guests don’t get cold. 

If you don’t have a patio, you could add value and style to your home with a summerhouse kitted out with a dining area, a kitchen, or both. A summerhouse will let you entertain guests all year round without having to worry about the weather spoiling your fun. You don’t have to have a large garden to have room for a summerhouse either, as they come in a variety of sizes which you can see here at Buy Sheds Direct.


If your garden is on the smaller side, you can double your space with optical illusions by using mirrors to trick your eyes into thinking you have more space. If you don’t want to spend too much money on mirrors, you could use an old trellis or gate as a mount for a piece of the mirrored board; this will allow you to create sturdier mirrors that are weatherproof without having to worry about breakages. Add to the effect by placing a mirror near your outdoor dining table so you can enjoy the view of your garden wherever you are seated. To avoid birds becoming confused, use grids on the mirror; this way, you won’t have any unfortunate accidents that will upset your family. 

Kids Corner

Typically when you have children, your garden becomes theirs, and there’s no area that you can relax in without falling over toys. Instead of sacrificing your whole garden, why not give up a section that will only be theirs. Create a section of deck with a covered sandpit and a blackboard so they can unleash their creativity without spilling out into the entire garden. You’ll be able to sit back and watch them play happily while enjoying the tranquillity of your garden. 

Private Bar

A popular choice in every UK garden is a private bar for entertaining guests when the kids have gone to bed for the night. Create a standing bar on your patio within easy reach of your dining area at the end of a meal, or go for something a little different with a pull-down bar. Perfect for large and small gardens alike, you can enjoy an after meal tipple in style with your guests. 

Hanging Furniture

When you don’t have much space in your garden, elevated furniture can create the illusion of a larger area. Design your garden with the space you have available in mind as you don’t want to create a space that feels cramped as no one in your family will want to spend time in the garden. A hanging chair in your garden is the perfect accessory to add space and is ideal if you want to create a reading nook for the book lovers in your family. Highlight the section of your garden when you place the hanging chair with clusters of pots that have foliage of varying height to add to the illusion; this is also a perfect way to hide unsightly bases that can often put off many people from adding these chairs to their gardens.


Creating sections in your garden is the perfect way to maximise space and develop areas that are the ideal spots for each member of your family. Sectioning your garden will also make your outdoor space seem bigger due to its multifunctional uses. 


Colour can be everything inside your home, but the same can be said of your outdoor space. Invigorate your garden by using vibrant colours on fences or walls to add depth to the space. Flashes of bold colours make your plants stand out, which has a mood-boosting effect on your senses while added more space.

Plant Clusters

Plant clusters are a great way to style your garden, and if you need the illusion of space, using different pots that contain foliage with alternating heights will add to the aesthetic while providing you with the appearance of space. Plant clusters have become popular in many gardens as the layered effect is pleasing the eye, no matter what size garden you have.


Another way to add an eye-pleasing aesthetic through layers is by adding levels to your garden. You can add levels in many ways by creating a sunken terrace or raised lawns, and the steps will help determine how you use the space. You can add extra pots or create raised sections to entertain guests while looking out over the rest of your beautiful garden. 

Vertical Planting

Living walls are all the rage for gardens in the UK right now and provide a stunning aesthetic to your garden. You can use vines and shrubs to cover your fences with greenery or take inspiration from living walls by fixing planters to your walls and fences to add herbs, shrubs, and flowers. Have your own secret garden by surrounding yourself with green walls that are bursting with life. Vertical planting not only adds a beautiful effect to your outdoor space but it can also create the perfect place for bees, birds and other wildlife. By creating a home for nature in your garden, plants and trees won’t be the only thing alive and thriving in your outdoor areas; this could provide the ideal opportunity to educate your children about the environment by letting them see wildlife at home. 


When designed a garden space, most people pick one type of floorings such as wood or stone slabs. However, mixing different textures is a great way to transform your garden into a beautiful and relaxing space. If you opt for creating sections, use different flooring materials for each to signify that the space has a separate use; this will create a stylish, chic look while providing you with the opportunity to use different styles for each part of your garden.


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