Having a barbecue? entertain guests with these activities

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Having a Barbecue? Entertain Guests With These Activities

Summer and BBQ season is here, and the pressure is on to host the best BBQ party of the year. So what can you do to make it more memorable? The answer is activities and entertainment of course!

To help you keep family, friends, and kids entertained, we’ve put together some activity ideas that will keep your guests happy while you concentrate on cooking everyone’s food perfectly.

Board Games

Starting off with a simple idea, leave out some board games for guests in the garden. You may own some already or have some ideas on what games to play, but Connect 4 and Jenga are always winners and are sure to get everyone off of their phones and into the games. To catch even more attention, invest in a giant version of either of these board games.

Sporty Activities

Set up a few balls or a frisbee in your garden for guests to play with. You could have mini golf, a basketball hoop, bowling, keepie uppies, horseshoes, volleyball, tennis, or even darts for the adults. Your options are limitless.

Just make sure you have enough space to keep everyone safe, and that these activities and your charcoal BBQ are not near each other. You don’t want to get hit by a football while cooking!

Scavenger Hunt

Plan a backyard scavenger hunt for the kids (or even the adults!). Create a list of items or clues they need to find around the yard or house, and offer small prizes for completing the hunt successfully. Perhaps the winner will get the first burger?

Fun With Water

Cool down with a paddling pool or perhaps you have a bigger inflatable pool? Set up water games like water balloon toss, water gun fights, or even a makeshift slip-and-slide to keep everyone cool and entertained.

Food Based Activities

If everyone’s up for it, you could organise a friendly grilling contest among your guests. Assign different categories such as best burger, best vegetarian dish, or most creative meal. Have everyone vote for their favourites. Great for a competitive group that all share a passion for barbecuing, cooking, or food.

For another simple food based activity, create a DIY toppings bar where guests can customise their burgers, hot dogs, or other grilled items. Offer a variety of condiments, sauces, cheeses, and toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and more.

If you and your friends share a similar love of torture, you could even play spice roulette. Taking inspiration from the YouTube show Hot Ones – where celebrity guests answer questions and eat increasingly hotter wings. 

Offer a randomised selection of differently spiced foods that are unlabelled, the unlucky person will end up with the spiciest. Make sure people will actually want to play this though, and don’t forget the milk for cooling off after!

Film and Video Game Night

As the evening sets in, set up an outdoor movie screening or gaming area. Hang a white sheet or use a projector screen, and play a classic or family-friendly movie for everyone to enjoy while lounging in chairs or on blankets. You could also have a “friendly” Mario Kart competition, or other game of your choice. 

And if it gets chilly and dark, a fire pit will enhance the atmosphere and keep everyone cosy. 

Live Music or Karaoke 

If you have musically inclined guests, encourage them to bring their instruments or set up a karaoke system. Enjoy live music or have fun singing along with friends and family. Though you may want to make sure you’re on good terms with neighbours before making too much noise, or better yet invite them to join. Karaoke may be more appropriate indoors, for both the acoustics and the risk of terrible singing!

Get Arty and Crafty Outdoors

Maybe you made all your best friends while studying art at college or university? Maybe this idea will be even funnier with people that have no art skills!

Provide craft stations for both kids and adults. Set up a table with art supplies, such as paints, markers, and paper. Guests can create artwork inspired by the BBQ theme, you can also turn it into a game. Have people guess what the other is drawing, or have a competition.

Fun With An Outdoor Photo Booth

Set up a designated photo booth area with fun props and a backdrop. Encourage guests to take memorable photos and share them on social media. These photobooths are always a winner at weddings, Christmas parties and other events, so why not add it to your next barbecue too?

Try It Out

Hopefully these activity ideas will enhance your next BBQ experience. Remember to consider the preferences and ages of your guests when choosing activities. Get a group chat going and check with them to see what they’d be up for doing. 

The goal is to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere that everyone can participate in so that they have a great time at your BBQ. 

So whether you go all out for your BBQ or keep it simple, just make sure you don’t stress – and don’t forget how important the delicious food is either!


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