Getting your garden summer ready with this useful guide

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Getting Your Garden Summer Ready With This Useful Guide

Summer nights are what many yearn for. The hopes of warmer weather and nights that stay light for longer are the perfect combination that makes the summer season a favourite for many. When the summer months descend, homeowners with a garden will spend as much time in their garden, soaking in the sun’s rays on the warmer days and inviting friends over to enjoy the lighter evenings.

Despite summer being months away, many are already looking for summer party ideas and themes to take advantage of the warmer weather. Before homeowners plan for the summer, they want to ensure their garden is ready.

Those of you who are planning to get your garden summer ready, keep reading, as this guide could provide some helpful tips.

Create A Plan

Before tearing up your garden, buying plants, planting trees or investing in garden furniture, create a plan for your outdoor space. Decide where a seating area would go or if you need to dig up part of the grass to add patio slabs or decking.

When you have a plan in place, it helps to ensure that you are not investing in items that you do not need, will not use or do not fit in your garden. In turn, this helps you to save money that you could invest into other areas of your home garden renovation project. With the plan, you and those involved in helping get your garden summer ready will know the envisioned outlook for the space.

Set A Budget

As mentioned, with a plan for your garden, you can save money by not spending it on unnecessary items. Alongside your plan, you should also consider setting a budget for how much the renovation will cost. Renovating your garden can be an exciting task, and it is easy to spend a little bit here and there on different items you find for your garden. However, these small purchases can quickly add up.

Before starting, establish a budget on how much you are willing to spend on transforming your garden, so it is ready for the summer. Look at the cost of materials and how much it is to hire a professional if there are updates you are unable to complete yourself. With this budget, you can get the ball rolling and move forward with your garden renovations.

Choose Your Plants

Adding plants to your garden is a simple and effective way to add character. Look at the different plants, from flowers to shrubs, trees to bulbs. Choose the ones that you feel would fit into the overall aesthetic you were hoping to achieve with your garden renovation project. Before planting, check to see which areas of the garden you will plant everything. Some plants require more sunlight than others, while others thrive in shaded spaces.

Of course, you will have to regularly water and care for the plants in your garden. Ensure that you care for them properly, so they are at their peak, brightly blooming in your garden during the summer months. If not, the time, money and effort that went into buying and planting them to be ready for summer will have been wasted.

Consider The Seasons

Aside from checking where to plant your flowers, consider the seasons that you should plant them. Some plants might need to be planted in the spring to help ensure they bloom in the summer months. During the warmer months, your plants might need watering more frequently than usual. Ensure that you are prepared to upkeep this maintenance to help keep your plants looking full and healthy.

Look at the choice of plants and flowers you want in your garden. Keep the dates for when they need to be planted in mind. This will be useful information when creating a timeline for how long you intend your garden renovation project to take. When you know the dates, you can begin planning when you will plant everything.

Grow Vegetables

Along with plants, you might also consider what else you can grow in your garden. Something many individuals are increasingly interested in is growing their own vegetables. It could be potatoes, green beans, carrots, lettuce or tomatoes, and you could grow your own produce in your back garden.

Whenever you want fresh vegetables, you can wander outside to your vegetable patch and select what you need that is ripe and ready to use. Similar to plants, find a location in your garden where vegetables are more likely to thrive. This will help to increase the chances of your vegetables growing and being a success.

Add A Summer House

For many homeowners, storage is crucial. Many homeowners will try to maximise the storage space in their home, utilising wall space, adding boxes under the bed and organising cupboards. Those planning to move will look for properties with a good amount of storage space. One simple way to add storage to your home and a space to retreat to in the summer months is to invest in a summer house. You can store bikes or have a seating area to entertain guests. A summer house could make an excellent home office for those working from home. It helps to separate your work life from home – a hurdle many struggles to overcome when working from home.

Spend some time looking at a summer house from 1st Choice Leisure Buildings. With a vast range of summer houses for sale, you are bound to find one that could make the perfect addition to your garden. When the summer months roll around, you can spend days and evenings inside the summer house to offer you a place of shelter but still be surrounded by the wildlife in your garden.

Build A Social Space

In addition to a summer house, you might also want an outdoor social space to use in the summer months. Find an area in your garden that gets the most sun. You might need to look into adding patio slabs or decking to help create the seated area. If you already have an area ready, look at outdoor furniture options.

If your outdoor seating area is the near the doors leading to your garden, you could invest in furniture of a similar aesthetic to your home’s interiors. This way, you can seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor space. Find comfortable outdoor furniture that allows you to seat multiple people, which you’ll need when inviting friends to spend time in your garden during summer.

Prepare To Maintain

Ensuring that your garden always looks inviting during the summer requires continuous maintenance. You need to ensure that you are spending time watering all of the plants and trimming the grass to avoid it looking untidy and less inviting. This can take time, so you need to ensure that you are ready to handle the maintenance when designing your ideal garden space.

If you cannot handle all the maintenance, look for low maintenance plants. These could be great additions to your garden, and you do not have to worry about the level of care they need to thrive.

Wait For Summer To Arrive

With plans in place for how you want your garden to look, you can begin investing in all the pieces to put this project together. After planting your flowers, installing your summer house or adding garden furniture, you can plan how best to celebrate your new garden.

When summer arrives, you will have an inviting outdoor space to utilise. One that welcomes guests to enjoy the warmer summer weather.


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