Garden décor ideas: create a gorgeous outdoor space

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Garden Décor Ideas: Create a Gorgeous Outdoor Space

Although it requires a lot of work and putting quite a lot of thought into its design, having your own garden is a blessing and a privilege. With all the benefits it can bring you, not only in terms of style and aesthetics but also regarding your physical and mental wellbeing, decorating your garden is as important as any room in your home. And with the right décor, even the most ordinary garden can easily become your sanctuary.

Even though the gifts of nature, such as plants, flowers, trees, grass etc. are stunning enough on their own, there are many ways to create a breath-taking garden. From adding small pieces like pots, all the way to beautiful big art designs like lawn ornaments or bronze garden statues, the choices are endless. Your garden, be it big or small, gives you a lovely opportunity to add more art into your life as well as show off your personality and style. 

Nature and Art: A Match Made in Your Garden

Art belongs everywhere. At home, on the streets, in education, on our screens, on our walls – art is everywhere. Whether you make room for it at the centre to emphasize its beauty, or you use it to decorate in some more subtle way, a beautiful garden statue can make your garden more sophisticated and give it its soul. 

So many different things can be achieved with garden sculptures. One popular way statues are used in gardens, is as centrepieces, around which the landscape is designed, for a symmetrical composition. Smaller statues can be great focal points, whether they are used to attract the eye away from a weak point or towards a beautiful area. 
In bigger gardens with more separate areas, you can add several statues to decorate different parts of the garden. For instance, you can buy beautiful bronze garden statues in a similar style that match the style of your home and the rest of the garden décor. Make sure the statue complements the rest of your outdoor ornaments, benches, furniture pieces, lighting fixtures and similar.

Reasons to Decorate with Garden Statues

Even one stone or bronze garden sculpture can spruce up your garden. This, in turn, can make spending time outdoors alone or with your friends and family even more appealing. All of this translates into a list of benefits. Simply spending time outdoors is very beneficial for you, but besides that, looking at both art created by nature and man-made art has been proven to have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. 

This is partly because our bodies and our minds respond very well to looking at anything we find beautiful. How aesthetically appealing we find our own home is essential for our wellbeing. We can say that the most important role of any decoration and art piece you may add to your home or your garden, is to make you happier and bring you joy. 

Things to Consider Before Buying 

It goes without saying that we put a lot of reflection in anything that we want to introduce to our home, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors. But, unlike objects that are supposed to bring in or elevate functionality, such as furniture pieces, when it comes to decorative objects, and especially big art pieces like statues, choosing may take a little bit more than simply finding something we like. This is mainly because a piece like that should reflect your personality and preferences. And because, after all, you will have to look at it every single day, so it’s important to choose right.  

Decorating an outdoor area follows more or less the same principles as decorating your home. Garden statues are extremely versatile – in style, sizes, materials, designs, shapes, colours. So, regardless of the size or the style of your garden, there is something that will be perfect for you. All it takes is a little bit of planning, time and reflection. In contrast to the greenery, a statue can stand out and ennoble your space, creating a breath-taking composition that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. 

It may take some time to choose an important object like a garden statue. Nevertheless, finding the one (or several ones) you want is not the only thing you need to think about. Even before you start to look at what is available for your dream garden, you should learn about any limitations you may have, in terms of space, style, colours, proportion, etc. 

Also, always keep in mind things like the existing vegetation, walls, paths, fountains, ponds, entertaining areas, etc. Taking all of these things into account may force you to narrow down your options, which can surely be a good thing on many occasions. Several other things can limit your choices when you are choosing statues, including the style of your house and the size of the garden. While even a small garden can benefit from a statue, you may have to choose a smaller design. On the other hand, in a bigger garden, you can decorate with one statue or you can choose more pieces. 

And last but not least, don’t forget about consistency. What this means essentially, is that if your home is modern and contemporary, a statue in a classical style can look out of place, and vice versa – a contemporary looking statue can be odd in a garden with a more traditional design.


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