Garden cultivators essential when rejuvenating your garden

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Garden Cultivators Essential When Rejuvenating Your Garden

There are times when enough becomes enough and your garden requires a good facelift. Different times of the year may call for new plants and arrangements or you may have just decided it is time for a change.

One accessory that could be of great use and save bags of time here is the trusty garden cultivator, one of these will help you to overhaul your garden’s terrain with great ease. There are several different models for the varying types of land and the mobility of the person using the equipment.


Range of Appliances

Garden cultivators are very versatile tools in that there are many shapes and sizes available on the market today. There are electric mini cultivators, garden tillers, petrol powered compact tillers and more heavy duty cultivators which all serve their own purpose. It is down to the gardener in question to decide which of the cultivators is best for their garden.

Petrol or Electric?

The electric tillers and cultivators tend to be the smaller pieces of kit and may well be more suitable if the garden space is small or if you are less mobile – these are lightweight and more manageable but may not be up to the more laborious jobs. Those looking to cultivate harder or harsher terrains may want to invest in a petrol powered and more robust cultivator – especially if they are more physical and mobile.

What is Tillage?

Tillage is the process of cultivating your garden and has a number of advantages when looking to spruce up your garden. It loosens and aerates the soil and will help any new plants or grass to grow back quicker and healthier. Residues and organic matter in the ground are mixed up ensuring that all the goodness is spread as evenly as possible throughout the ground.

This process also helps to combat the growing of weeds and enable you to pull out any unwanted roots. The best time for tillage of garden cultivating is in the late Autumn, as this will allow the soil to crumble during the winter when it becomes icy and frosty – therefore preparing a smooth surface for the spring.

Good Value Garden Cultivators

There are many good value garden cultivators available as previously discussed; it is just a matter of deciding which type is best for your individual needs. Once you have assessed your tillage job, it would be prudent to check catalogues and online suppliers for your cultivator of choice.


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