Choosing garden tvs and where to place them

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Choosing Garden TVs and Where To Place Them

Creating a dedicated space for fun is your top priority when you love outdoor entertainment. The amenities included will depend on your wishes. Therefore, many decide to add a TV to enjoy a movie night on the deck. A cheap outdoor furniture set will complement the TV, creating an outdoor living space to enjoy with your family. 

The garden TVs are waterproof and come in a wide range of features. With being easy to install, they are readily available for outdoor entertainment at home. In this post, we share helpful tips on how to choose a TV for your garden. Once you go through it, you will create the bay movie night spot!

lounge and tv area in a garden

Choosing Garden TVs – Type

A garden TV should be able to withstand the weather conditions. When checking different models, it is essential to consider their IP66 rating. This indicates the device is protected against dust and dirt. 

Since the summer can get quite hot, you will need a TV that can withstand high temperatures. Even with an IP66 rating, you are advised to provide some sort of a cover for the TV. This will block the direct sun rays and ensure a longer lifespan for your device.

Choosing Garden TVs – Screen size

Choosing the screen size can be pretty tricky. However, the same rules for picking a home TV apply. The screen size depends on whether you have a tiny patio or a large garden. A 55-inch screen is an ideal size for average yards. 


Before getting your garden TV, it is essential to determine the correct location. Consider your garden layout and where would be the ideal spot for hanging the TV. The perfect place should provide protection from direct sun rays. On the other hand, you might want to implement some sort of a cover to hide the TV when not in use.

If you already have a comfy seating area, think of where would be the best placement. Sit down and see where your glance is focusing naturally. The exact spot might be the ideal place for setting up the tv unit.


When it comes to purchasing a garden TV, there are a few things that differ from an indoor one. The first difference is the brightness. When you place the TV in a sunny area, you need to enhance the screen brightness to see the content correctly. It would be ideal to set up the TV so it faces north. The lack of direct sunlight makes watching more comfortable. 

On the other hand, reflection can ruin your experience. To prevent this, go for models that have anti-glare options included. 


Once you have found your ideal TV, it is time to install it. Keep in mind that a garden TV needs to be installed on a sturdy wall. A substantial brick wall or a wood structure will be ideal for holding your device in place. The installation process requires adding bolts and brackets to secure the TV, so you need a sturdy surface that will stay strong even during bad weather. 


One of the essential aspects to consider is the connection. You will need a power cable and a video surface cable for installing your TV. If exposed, they should be placed in a cable cover. Work With an electrician to find the best options and install the TV correctly. If you have a large garden, you will likely need speakers. On the other hand, the surrounding speakers will make movies more enjoyable. 

Don’t forget that your remote control will also experience harsh outdoor conditions. Therefore, make sure to get IP65-rated control. 


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