Accessorise your outdoor garden space for a social winter

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Accessorise Your Outdoor Garden Space for a Social Winter

Hot tubs, palm trees and fire pits… there are many ways to accessorise your garden if you’re looking to have friends round and make the most of the outdoors this winter.

If you have an outdoor space that you want to get the most from, consider turning it into an outdoor living room. And as the days draw in you can be enjoying cosy nights out.

Make a Focal Point of Your Fire Pit

There’s a good reason for this. Not only are fire pits a source of warmth, but they are also designed to be stunning to look at. In the highest quality examples, you’ll get table tops, glass panels and heat rocks – even a basic fire pit is eye-catching thanks to the dancing flames. It’s the centrepiece, like a fireplace is inside your home and will spark the conversation.

A good fire pit will blend right into your outdoor setting, especially if you surround it with other decorative stones and natural garden material. Whether you want a clean, stylish design or something more traditional looking, a fire pit will stand out a little more in your garden.


You’ll want to sit around your fire pit, or even just sit in your garden space, so some comfortable and weather-proof furniture is a must, unless you’re happy bringing it inside every time you use it. Realistically though, good outdoors furniture is big, so you’ll want to keep it in place if your space allows it.

For the cosy touch, layer up seat cushions with throws (these can double up as warming leg covers too). Some cushions are weatherproof too, making it nice and easy to keep your outdoor space outdoors if you wish.

Patio Heaters For Extra Warmth

Patio heaters are great. If you need a little extra warmth just add a patio heater. If you need a little extra style, just add a stylishly designed patio heater, or two. Place them strategically and you’ll be landscaping your outdoor space and keeping everyone toasty at the same time. These flame tower heaters look great and will keep everyone warm. And they won’t get in the way if your space is on the smaller side, just position them round the edges.

They’ll do a pretty good job in adding some mood lighting up your garden too.

And Talking of Lighting…

If the embracing glow of an orange flame isn’t quite enough, Add some outdoor lights for instant eye-catching appeal.

If you have a garden structure or something like a pergola, then hanging outdoor string lights create a magical atmosphere for your outdoor space. Solar powered lights are a great alternative if you don’t want any wiring.

All the above can create a winter wonderland in your back garden space, but adding a few extras can take it up a notch.

Those Little (or Big) Extras

Plants and Statues

Plants and greenery are great for the healthy-looking atmosphere they bring to any outdoor space, and they’ll add an instant boost of colour, even in the winter. Greenery is relaxing too. Choose seasonal bloomers that will make your garden pop all year round. Some people find gardening relaxing too, so it’s a double winner if this is the case.  Statues are a personal preference, but a few well-chosen figures can really add personality to a garden space.


Food and company go well together, so you adding a barbecue to your outdoor space could be a real winner. It’ll take your outdoor go-to to a real sociable spot in the summer too, so a barbecue is an investment that works all year round.

And Clean Up with a Hot Tub

Perhaps the ultimate addition to any outdoor space is a hot tub. They’re relaxing, sociable and you can enjoy all the other elements of your outdoor space while sitting back and enjoying a soak.

Final Thoughts

With a bit of imagination, creating a wonderful outdoor space is straightforward. And you don’t need to go full-hog hot tub, because just a few outdoor embellishments can have a totally transformative effect.

Try creating a beautiful outdoor living room with these tips and keep your outdoor experience alive all year round.


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