5 reasons to add an awning to your garden

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5 Reasons to Add an Awning to Your Garden

Awnings are quickly becoming a must-have addition to any garden. More than just a shade, awnings transform ordinary spaces into luxury living areas. Cosy up with family or kick back with friends — there’s never a dull moment with a luxury awning.Discover how your home could benefit from a garden awning. Here are the top 5 reasons to purchase an awning today.


Don’t let Mother Nature tell you when it’s time to have fun. An awning enables you to enjoy your outdoor space in any weather. Gain protection from sunny rays, heavy winds and torrential rain for all-season comfort.

But don’t just stay dry — stay protected too. Awnings protect you from harmful UV rays so that you can enjoy the sunshine for longer. They also protect your home and furnishings from UV-caused fading and sun damage, giving your sofas and paintings a longer lifespan. 

Energy Saving

The money you spend on an awning may end up saving you money off your energy bill. That’s because an awning shields your home from the sun, preventing it from overheating in the summer. There’s no need to turn up your air conditioning — your home will naturally stay cooler for longer. It’s a win for the environment and a win for your wallet. 

Plus, an awning will protect your home furnishings from UV damage, meaning you’ll need to replace them less frequently. You’ll be reducing waste and getting the most for your money. It’s a double win-win.


The addition of a premium awning can completely transform the look and feel of your garden, turning into a luxury living space. Not only will you feel more relaxed (and be more keen to show it off), but you’ll also see improved kerb appeal, increased property value and greater marketability. You may get a few turned heads from the neighbours — so why not invite them over for a BBQ?

You can customise your awnings with thousands of different design combinations. Choose the style, colour, fabric and more to make your awning your own.

Extended indoor space

Love the security of the indoors but the freedom of the outdoors? An awning treats you to the best of both worlds. The overhead shelter will protect you from harsh weather and harmful rays so that you can bring your living and entertaining areas out to your garden. Add a few sofas and chairs for an outdoor living experience or grab the BBQ and kitchen utensils for a wild kitchen area. However you spend your time, spend it outdoors.


There’s no better place to entertain your guests than under a luxury awning on a warm summer’s evening. An awning creates a dedicated social and entertaining space right from your own back garden. Grab some speakers, some seats and invite all your friends and family to share in the memories. 

Outershade are a leading UK supplier of bespoke awnings and garden fixtures. We go the extra mile to bring you the highest-quality awnings on the market. Bursting with cutting-edge technology and all the latest features, our awnings are the perfect combination of technology and style. Customise your awning to your liking through thousands of design combinations and additional extras. It’s the awning you want. Made for you. Installed by us.


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