5 essential tools to maintain your property & landscape

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5 Essential Tools To Maintain Your Property & Landscape

Home improvement is essential to maximising the value of your property. Investing in a new garage door or undertaking a loft conversion can undoubtedly add value to your property and significantly increase your curb appeal. However, this extent of home improvement is out of reach for many people throughout the UK.

When it comes to home improvement, one thing that’s massively underrated is keeping on top of your property and maintaining your property’s appearance. You can hire tools to save money from companies just like P&L Tool Solutions. In this blog post, we’ll be covering the top FIVE essential tools that will help you to maintain your property and landscape to a high standard.

Let’s get straight into it…

Petrol Mowers

If you have a medium to larger-sized garden, you’re going to want to seriously consider petrol mowers. Petrol mowers are ideal for tackling above-average-sized gardens with a cord-free solution. Unlike traditional lawnmowers, petrol mowers are much more efficient and will help to make your gardening area/landscape look fresh in no time. Furthermore, because no power supply is required, you can easily mow your lawn without restricted access.

Hedge Trimmers

Hedges can grow rapidly in the summer months. When hedges grow and aren’t properly maintained, this can result in creating a poor first impression of your property/landscape. There are two options with this tool; the normal-sized hedge trimmer and the long-reach hedge trimmer for taller hedges. Keeping on top of your hedges with this essential gardening tool will help to positively maintain the appearance when people and guests visit your property.

Leaf Blowers

If you have several trees closing up on your property, investing in or hiring a leaf blower could be a fantastic idea. Especially in autumn, leaves can start falling off trees and soon clutter up your driveway. It can be hard work to pick up leaves with your hands. Fortunately, you don’t have to! Leaf blowers help to efficiently hoover up all excess leaves cluttering your driveway, therefore saving you time and energy. Leaf blowers are a fantastic solution for all-size gardens.

Brush Cutter

Do you have trees or bushes that aren’t 100% accessible? Whether your trees are too high or unreachable by a lawnmower, there is a fantastic alternative. Enter the brush cutter. Brush cutters/strimmers are also commonly used to trim weeds and other nearby foliage that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible by a rotary lawn mower. Various blades are available with brush cutters to make it an efficient process for different applications that it’s being used for.


If you have big plans for your outside area and you’re looking to re-turf or re-plant, you may want to consider rotavators. The great thing about rotavators is that they are designed to efficiently break up and aerate the soil of your land. Rotavators easily remove excess weeds and loosen the soil to prepare a solid foundation for fresh landscaping. Rotavators are commonly used in lawn care, landscaping, gardening, and agriculture.

Hiring tools can be a cost-effective alternative to buying them outright. You can hire tools from companies, just like P&L Tool Solutions, that offer flexible rates and quality service.


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