5 different ways aggregates can transform the look of your garden

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5 Different Ways Aggregates Can Transform The Look Of Your Garden

There are many reasons why you may decide to use a decorative stone to transform the look of your outside space. Aggregates such as shingles, rockery boulders and pebbles are both versatile and extremely practical. Listed below are five different ways you can use aggregates in landscaping and which products best meet your personal needs. 

Improve Your Drainage 

Decorative aggregates allow water to permeate through them and into the ground making them very useful when it comes to preventing flooding in your garden. Why not think about using shingle or chippings as an alternative to paving or even set paving stones in a pattern within it to make a smart attractive pathway. 

Make Your Outside Space Drought Tolerant 

Things like Rockeries and gravel gardens are perfect if you are looking for a low maintenance option for your outside space. Aggregates like these are especially well suited to poor soils and uncertain weather conditions that have become all too familiar in recent times. Most decorative aggregates can be used in this way and things like rockery boulders can provide a dramatic outline for your garden especially if you have a sloping garden. 

Landscape a Pond

If you are intending to create a pond in your garden aggregates are ideal as they can be used to create a ramp for any wildlife or soften the edges. Things such as pebbles and cobbles can be utilised to re-create the feel and look of a river or beach. If you are intending to stock your pond with fish make sure you choose an aggregate that is suitable for them. If a natural stone has lime content it will affect the PH of the water making it unsafe for aquatic life forms. Even though most suppliers can supply pre-washed stone we would always advise you to wash the stone before adding it to your pond. 

Re-surface a Driveway

Not only is it great for a relaxed and traditional look aggregates such as shingle and gravel are a cost-effective option when it comes to covering large areas of the driveway. Angular chippings are probably the best choice for this as they fit tightly together making them firmer underfoot. They are also better for vehicles as cars are less likely to roll backwards on chippings than smooth rounded stone. 

Most driveways need to be able to withstand heavy loads which means stones like slate are not the best choice as it tends to break under the weight of vehicles. Gravel and shingle are available in many different colours meaning not only is it economical but is certain to enhance the look of any drive.

Creating a Garden Path 

The majority of decorative aggregates are suitable when you are constructing a garden pathway. Self-binding gravel is a perfect choice because not only is it very affordable, but it is also extremely durable as it contains fine clay particles that bind with the gravel to stop it from moving around when walked on. Creating a garden path will not only make your garden more attractive but offers practicality in that it makes moving around your outside space much easier. 
There are many other ways you can utilise decorative aggregates if you are looking to landscape your outside space. Hopefully, the five options we have outlined above will give you something to think about. An aggregate calculator will help you determine exactly how much aggregate you will need if you are planning to undertake any landscaping project involving aggregates. Helping you to get a better idea of the initial costs of the project before you being work.        


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