What is the size of a double garage in the uk?

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What Is The Size Of A Double Garage in the UK?

A garage provides a household with a whole host of great advantages.

From providing additional security to a place to store domestic equipment, everyone’s garage use is different. 

More often than not, people use their garage to store vehicles. This is because it’s far safer to keep a car in a garage than on a driveway or public road. Plus, a garage can shield your vehicle from the harsh elements that the British weather can sometimes bring.

Garages are available in all shapes and sizes, but a double garage is one of the most popular options in the UK. 

Double garage size can also vary, and in this article we’ll take a look at the average size of a double garage, outlining everything you need to know about this garage type.


What Is A Double Garage?

Before we delve into the average double garage size in the UK, it’s important to identify exactly what a double garage is. 

While many properties have a single garage door, this is often not big enough for those who own two vehicles. Therefore, a double garage usually refers to a garage that has a wide enough opening for multiple vehicles to comfortably sit inside.   

As well as functionality, a double garage can usually be defined by its measurements and dimensions.

What Is The Size Of A Double Garage In The UK?

Garage dimensions vary from garage to garage, but as a general rule, the minimum double garage door size should be 5.5m wide and 5m long. While this is the minimum double garage size in the UK, it’s recommended that a double garage is slightly larger for maximum efficiency. The ideal size is around 6m wide and 6m long. This is because a double garage typically needs to house two vehicles side by side, and provide room for drivers and passengers to easily get in and out.

If you’re looking for garage doors for your double garage, typically you’ll need a product that measures from 14ft-16ft wide and 7ft high. However, if you need more room for vehicles that are bigger than average, most garage door companies will be able to provide you with bespoke models.    

Considerations For A Double Garage 

As mentioned above, double garage door size can vary. While the average sizes that we have provided are usually sufficient, it’s important to consider your personal circumstances before having a double garage constructed.

Factors you should bear in mind include:  

  • Vehicle size – We’ve mentioned vehicles a lot in this article, and this is because vehicle storage is almost certainly what garages are used for the most. These days, many households have more than one car so a double garage is required to store at least two. Consider the size of your vehicles before constructing a double garage. If you have particularly big cars, such as a 4X4 or an SUV, you may want to opt for something larger than average to ensure you have enough room to manoeuvre. 
  • Storage – As well as storing vehicles, garages are often used as a place to store other items such as gardening equipment, DIY tools and a whole host of miscellaneous objects. With this in mind, consider the size and quantity of all of the equipment you’re planning on storing inside your garage. If you have large amounts or some items that are particularly bulky, you may want a bigger space.
  • Regulations – More often than not, garages are considered as outbuildings on your private land, and so will not need planning permission. However, every local authority is different, and this may vary depending on where you’re based. Therefore, it’s worth checking with the specific regulations of your local authority to make sure your double garage plan complies. If you do not comply, you could face serious legal ramifications.     
  • Accessibility – Many people use their garage on a daily basis, and it plays a crucial role in the convenience and practicality of a household. Therefore, it’s important that your garage is the appropriate size and features adequate entrance and exit points. Where these entrance points are located may impact your double garage door size.  
  • Functionality – Garages are not always used just for vehicle storage. In some instances, people may consider converting their garage into a functional room. This could be a home gym, office space or even a workshop where projects can be worked on and hobbies enjoyed. Whatever the case, you may want the garage to be bigger than average in these instances in order to fully maximise the space.   

No matter what type of double garage you want, it’s always important to consider your individual requirements and preferences before placing an order or beginning construction.   

How To Measure A Double Garage?

If you currently own a double garage and are looking to have a new door installed, you may need to measure the garage opening. Usually, there will be various garage dimensions that you need to note down when measuring your garage. 

This includes:

  • The opening height from floor to lintel 
  • The width from brick to brick 
  • The distance from your garage opening to the rear of the garage 
  • The roof clearance from the lintel to the ceiling 
  • Side clearance measurements 

It’s essential that these measurements are accurate. If not, it could mean that you end up ordering a double garage door that is the incorrect size or type – a costly mistake. With this in mind, consider calling in professional support.

As well as ensuring all measurements are correct, a qualified garage technician will also be able to identify internal fittings, like pipes, wiring, electrical appliances and more, that could make the installation process more complex or not possible. 

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