Tips to convert your garage into a practical space

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Tips to Convert Your Garage into a Practical Space

If your garage is simply sitting and taking up space on your drive, you might be looking into making use of the space. However, more often times than not, you will have to convert your garage into a practical space before you are able to enjoy it.

If this is the case, here are some top tips that may help you to convert your garage into a dream area for you to enjoy your hobbies, store your possessions, and simply live within. 

Invest in the Right Flooring

The first step that you should take when you want to convert your garage is to find the right flooring for your space. This flooring should be durable so that you do not end up replacing it within a few years. It should also be able to withstand heavy weight being placed upon it, as it is likely that you may store heavy-duty machinery, equipment, or simply a lot of stuffed boxes in the room.

This is also important if you will be storing your car in the garage. While not being the prettiest or most decorative, your garage should also have flooring that looks smart and clean, as well as being functional, or else you might avoid spending time in your garage. It should also be affordable and easy for you to install. Ensure your garage flooring meets these criteria whichever you choose.

Install Shelving 

Most garages are used for storage. Even if it is not wholly used for storage and you want to use this area as a workshop or hobby room, you might want to add extra storage into your outbuilding on which to put all your equipment for this activity. The best storage option is shelving, as this can allow you to quickly see what items you have and where they are, although you might also look at vertical hanging wall racks on which you can safely store tools.

As well as shelving, you might consider installing cabinets in which you can place objects that might be more delicate, or you might invest in ceiling storage that can keep your possessions out of the way in small rooms. 

Look for the Right Garage Doors

You should also make sure that you invest in the right garage doors. These doors should have large and sturdy locks on them to prevent crime and keep your garage secure. You should also make sure these doors are made of thick and durable material, such as aluminium as this can prevent them from being damaged by the weather.

You might also consider buying roller doors as these will prevent your doors from taking up space within your garage and can make it easier for you to park your car within your garage as you will not have to park a distance away in order to get the doors open. 

Be Aware of Toxic Materials

You should also be aware of the toxic materials that could be infesting your garage. They may have been harmless all the years that you have not stepped a foot inside your garage, but now that you are going to be spending more time in it, they could end up doing you a lot of harm. For instance, many garages contain asbestos, which can affect your lungs and leave you with asbestosis, which could become a lifelong condition.

You can look out for asbestos by checking the age of your garage roof, with older roofs more likely to have asbestos in them. You could also consider calling out a professional to check this for you. Unfortunately, asbestos can be in materials of many different colours, from white to pink. You should always call out a professional to remove this asbestos for you.

Find the Best Roofing

The next step that you should take is to find the best roofing for your garage and to replace our current roofing if it is not up to scratch. For instance, you should look around for steel or fibre cement roofing sheets. These will go up against poor weather conditions well, are fire resistant, and can also be installed onto most different types of garages.

You can get roof sheets that are corrugated, which can be vital to stop rain and other debris from clogging your roof, causing leaks, and becoming difficult to remove. These sheets will allow rainwater to run easily off them. Luckily, you are able to install and replace roof sheets yourself, meaning that you do not have to call in another professional for this task if you want to try your hand at DIY.

Heat Your Space

This might not have been important when you were only using your garage for storage. However, if your garage is about to become a main feature of your property, you should make sure that it is well-heated, or else you might struggle to stay warm and stay in it for long periods during the winter.

This means that you should think about buying a heater for your garage that can ensure that you are able to maintain an ambient temperature no matter what the weather is like outside of your garage. You might even consider adding in air conditioning if the space overheats in summer. 

Consider Soundproofing 

If you are going to be enjoying noisy activities in your garage, such as if you will be gaming, drilling, or playing a musical instrument, you might consider soundproofing the garage. This is vital if you live with other people, especially if they do not share the same interests as you.

Soundproofing can stop the sound from escaping into the rest of your house and will even prevent you from annoying the neighbours by containing the racket you are making. This means that you can get as noisy as you want without worrying about how much sound is being made, and nor will you have to hold back or stop doing the activities that you enjoy. 


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