Creating a james bond themed garage

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Creating A James Bond Themed Garage

Revamping your garage into a James Bond-themed haven that mirrors 007’s luxury and style is a worthy feat. However, it’s a painstaking process that requires strategic planning, creativity, and smart purchases. 

When done properly, you’ll have a fashionable enclave to retreat to and enjoy, where you can play your favourite physical or online casino games, have a martini, or even invite people over to hang out. 

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, then read one as this practical guide has top tips to help you complete your mission.

Making a True Bond Space – Steps to Take

Before you begin, you’ll want to carefully consider how you convert your space into a man cave styled after the world’s most iconic secret agent!

Define The Space

Start by decluttering your garage, removing any items that don’t align with the 007 aesthetic you’re aiming for, whether it’s old junk you’ve collected over the years or things you been meaning to get rid off but never got around to. 

After a declutter, you’ll need to consider the layout carefully; you’ll want enough room for a sleek bar, comfortable seating, and overt or covert spaces for high-tech gadgets. 

You’ll want to think about the flow of the space too when doing this. How will you move from the entrance to the bar or the seating area? You want the transition to be smooth and seamless.

Set the Theme

To set the theme correctly, reflect on which aspects of the spy franchise resonate most with you. Is it the classic elegance of Sean Connery’s era, the suave sophistication of Pierce Brosnan’s tenure, or the gritty realism of Daniel Craig’s portrayal?

Perhaps you’d prefer the vintage charm of the 60s and 70s, or the cosy modernism of the 21st century?

Once you’ve selected a period or “a bond”, let it guide every decision, from the colour palette to the type of glassware on your bar. 

Paint and Lighting

The right colour palette and lighting are essential in setting the mood for your James Bond garage. For the former, consider shades that evoke a sense of luxury and drama; deep, rich tones like midnight blue or sophisticated charcoal can introduce a sense of intrigue.

The colour scheme should reflect the danger and class of a spy’s life, good examples are black, silver, and gold accents. 

When it comes to lighting, think beyond basic overhead fixtures. Install dimmer switches to control the ambience and consider hidden LED strips. Spotlights can be used to showcase specific items, like a signed movie poster or a replica of Bond’s Walther PPK.

Furniture and Decor

Furniture selection is where you can truly channel the Bond look. An elegant, minimalist bar cart stocked with classic cocktail shakers and crystal glasses made of chrome and glass can be the centrepiece.

Seating should be equally stylish and convenient. A leather Eames lounge chair or Chesterfield sofa would be ideal. You may also consider a bookshelf that doubles as a hidden door or a plain desk with secret compartments.

Gadgets and Tech

No Bond setup is complete without a nod to the high-tech gadgets and technology, it’s all about capturing the world of espionage afterall.

While you may not be able to get your hands on an ejector seat or a car with machine guns, you can still incorporate relevant tech. Think about fixing a smart home system that controls lighting, sound, and security with voice prompts or a mobile app.

You may also consider installing some other gadgets, such as:

  • Light-up power bank
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Wireless earbud earphones
  • Hidden projector


A poker table is a must in any 007-styled area to evoke the high-stakes casino scenes from the films. Equip the table with pro-grade chips and cards, and don’t forget the rulebook for baccarat or blackjack, which are often played in the series.

For visual entertainment, design a dedicated space with a large screen to watch the movies. You can do this by creating a mini cinema with comfortable seating and surround sound for an immersive experience. 

Building Your James Bond Man Cave Without Hitches

This guide has laid the foundation for you to design a space that pays tribute to the legendary 007 while also offering a unique escape from the everyday. Now, it’s time to take the reins. Gather your gadgets, pick a style, and kickstart this creative mission!


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