How bristol residents are expanding their properties through loft conversions

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How Bristol Residents Are Expanding Their Properties Through Loft Conversions

Currently in the area of Bristol, UK, many of the more ambitious and affluent investors are seeking to maximise their existing properties.

This is because there are a multitude of benefits in relation to this, including the following (but not limited to):

  • Increasing the value of ones’ home. Converting a loft space into a usable room is an excellent way to increase the value and subsequent sales’ price of a home.
  • It provides a base for which to receive rental income from tenants inhabiting the loft space, meaning that you can give yourself an additional channel and income from your investments.
  • It enables you to have more space in your existing property for whichever purpose you may find appropriate, it could be a new bedroom with an en suite, it could be a home office, or a home cinema, a loft conversion suits many different purposes.

However having a loft conversion requires consideration, as there are many different elements that have to be taken into account before proceeding with this home improvement process.

You need to find suitable building professionals to carry out the work

This is especially important due to the fact that builders can vary widely in their abilities and skill sets. A good course of action would be to review the portfolio of any building companies before you move forward with converting a loft, because you want to be sure that you are working with a company that has the appropriate skills and certifications, and all of their work must observe and adhere to building regulations.

Planning permissions

Certain types of loft conversion in Bristol will inevitably require planning permission. Certain types of dormer conversions or mansard loft conversions may require local planning permission. It is a good step to consult with your local authority in relation to this: to find out exactly which type of loft conversion and associated dimensions land within the bounds of “permitted development” or whether or not you require additional permissions to proceed with the build.

Plans with the architect

It is good practice to engage the services of an architect early on the in planning phase of a loft conversion. This is because an architect will be able to advise on what is appropriate for your particular property, and advise on what would suit both aesthetically and structurally.

In summary it is important you make sure to do your due diligence if you are looking to expand your home through a loft conversion. It can be a worthy exercise that increases the usable space in your house, however it is not without it’s potential issues. You should exercise caution, choosing a company that fully understands and can accommodate your requirements is preferable, as is making sure that you have a clear idea and image for how you want your loft to look and feel upon completion of the project.

If you wish to know more about loft conversions in Bristol & are looking for a potential builder, feel free to visit Bristol Conversions for more information.


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