Capturing a theme in your loft conversion bedroom

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Capturing A Theme in Your Loft Conversion Bedroom

Creating a theme in your loft conversion bedroom is a fun and rewarding endeavour. With an assortment of colour charts and fabric samples to match, you can develop a theme that enhances your surroundings, from floor to ceiling.

Blending your own unique intentions with professional advice, there is every possibility of converting your loft bedroom into a space for deep sleep and quiet relaxation.


Colour Choices

Colour is the number one element to consider in loft conversion bedrooms. Lofts can often be darker than conventional rooms simply because the windows can be smaller, so it is best to select pastel tones such as green, blue, mauve or pale yellow.

Neutral colours add a sense of openness and will reflect more light across the walls. Having a reasonably sized window will also help to give an airy feel, with the benefit of sunshine, views and fresh air.

Bold colours are not ideal in lofts. They can create a sombre environment that is, at times, heavy and claustrophobic. The same applies to dark blinds, carpets and linen. Bright patterns and abstract accents can also add unnecessary weight to a loft that is already small and confined.

By The Sea

Selecting a sea theme for a loft bedroom can be a rewarding challenge when implemented in the right way. With ideas and inspiration to be found in interior design magazines, books and websites, you too can choose to create your own timeless theme – a day at the seaside.

By coating walls with pale blue paint and sponging on a translucent layer of white for clouds, you can soon add a few simplified seagulls with a quick dash or two of indigo paint. A series of maritime prints can be hung on the main walls, adjacent to curtains featuring sailboats and sand castles.

Green Style

Green is a restful colour that can be used to accentuate existing features, even if they are outside the room. If your loft features a large window over a green garden with tall, leafy trees close by, you can add natural hints of the outdoors with a combination of olive and off-white paint.

Taking care to keep the colouring soft and subtle, you can create a tranquil atmosphere in your loft bedroom that you will love retiring to at the end of the day. With elegant light fittings and delicate fern motifs on cushions and sheets, your loft will be a sanctuary in the making.

For Children

Loft conversions are the perfect place for children to run, hide and play. As inviting for kids as they are for adults, a loft bedroom offers plenty of scope for creative vision.

From picturesque murals of fairies and flower groves to jungles filled with dinosaurs or lost pirates, a loft can be made to match the wild imaginings of your child. With enough room to add a bed, desk and bedside table, a loft bedroom can give any kid the privacy to live out their dreams, high above other rooms at home.

A Lofty Bedroom

When designing your loft conversion, allow your ideas to merge into something beautiful. A bedroom can take on a mood of its own, reflecting your need for peace and rejuvenation. Creating a theme in your loft bedroom is worth the planning, and will add inherent value to your home and well-being.


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