Need some light in your life? a sun room may be for you

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Need Some Light In Your Life? A Sun Room May Be For You

When thinking of environmentally friendly ways to improve your home, consider extending your home out into the environment with the addition of a sunroom. There are a number of reasons why…

Let the Sun Shine In!

Sunrooms allow you to enjoy all the beauty of the great outdoors while retaining all the comforts of the great indoors. With home light bulbs trending more and more toward fluorescent sources, it’s important to allow plenty of natural light into the home. Natural lighting is beneficial physically and psychologically in helping to balance out any undesirable effects of artificial lighting.

Sunlight also reveals the true colours in your home and puts your furnishings and accessories, quite literally, in their best light. Sunrooms address all these concerns, and also bring a little something else to the table: increased energy efficiency.

Reduce Reliance on External Fuel Sources

Of course, the more natural light you bring into your home, the less need there is to power indoor lamps, reducing your consumption of electrical energy. In cool weather, even on overcast days, sunrooms can magnify the sun’s rays in much the way a greenhouse works, capturing warmth without requiring additional fuel. When warmer weather comes along, a sunroom can serve as a breezeway, encouraging cooler air to circulate through the home while warmer air escapes. Installing an energy efficient ceiling fan in a sunroom could further encourage the free-flow of air, keeping the home cool with fresh, circulating air. Sunrooms are environmentally friendly in all seasons!

Sunroom structures are essentially walls of windows, with the windows typically extending up into the roof itself. Choosing top-rated energy efficient glass can boost the effectiveness of a sunroom. Giving careful consideration to a sunroom’s placement in relation to the angles of the sun can also make a big difference in reducing energy consumption. Modern solar panels can be implemented into the design for even more energy savings.

Eco-Friendly and Beautifying

Available in off-the-rack and custom designs, well-crafted sunrooms diffuse the lines between the interior and exterior of your house, blending in seamlessly with your existing structures. Although sunrooms are often thought of as bonus rooms, they aren’t limited to such use. They can enclose a family room, a swimming area, even a kitchen or library. Use your imagination!

A variety of roofline deigns are available to choose from to complement your home. Popular roofline styles include single-sloped, A-frame, gambled and classic conservatory frameworks.

Compared to kits, custom sunrooms offer more for your investment dollar, as they can be specifically crafted to complement the particular design of your home and landscaping. You can design your living space in a manner that makes the most of your views and takes the best advantage of sunlight relative to the placement of your house and the arrangement of the surrounding landscape. Plus, custom designs can offer a bit more flexibility when installing the addition in narrow or oddly-shaped locations surrounding the home.

An Environmentally Friendly Improvement

Whether custom or kit designed, a sunroom addition is an energy-conscious, long-term improvement that adds beauty and value to your home while being kind to the environment.


Sunrooms are airy spaces filled with light, connecting the indoors with the outdoors. But these environmentally friendly additions do more than beautify; they can also help reduce your reliance on non-renewable power sources, adding value to your home while reducing your property’s carbon footprint.


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