Guide to cleaning conservatory roofs

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Guide To Cleaning Conservatory Roofs

When your conservatory turns from a sparkling room of light to a dusty desert, it’s time to get moving. Conservatory roofs can become a blanket to catch every bit of dust, dirt, and bird stains.

Once that roof needs a clean, you’ll find your night view of the stars hiding behind a view of dirt.

Thankfully, getting your conservatory roof into pristine condition is easier than you might think. Here are the steps to take when cleaning a conservatory roof.

Inspect Your Roof

Before you can begin cleaning a conservatory, you must inspect the roof.

This will tell you whether you have more intensive cleaning tasks like moss removal or scrubbing bird stains, or less intensive tasks like leaf removal. Plus, it will help you spot signs of damage that might need near-term repair.

Take precautions when checking the roof, and always put safety first. Use sturdy shoes and a conservatory ladder that extends to the correct height. You can also use binoculars to check for debris if it’s too far away.

Choose Your Cleaning Tools

You’ll need several tools on hand to begin cleaning your conservatory roof. That includes:

  • A soft-bristled brush
  • A telescopic brush
  • Chemical-free cleaning solution
  • Bucket
  • Hose or pressure washer

A soft-bristled brush is the best way to dislodge debris in the corners and edges of the roof.

You’ll need to attach the brush to an extendable pole long enough for the whole roof length. A telescopic brush is ideal as these often extend over several metres, meaning you won’t need a ladder.

Choose a gentle chemical-free conservatory roof cleaning fluid. A non-chemical cleaning solution won’t damage the roof.

A bucket with a handle will allow you to keep your solution at arm’s reach. Finally, you’ll need a hose or pressure washer for rinsing the roof.

Begin Your Roof Clean

When you’re ready to start work, your first task is spraying the roof lightly with water. This will help loosen any debris. Once you’ve done that, use the brush to apply your cleaning solution.

You might leave this to soak if you have stubborn dirt marks or the roof hasn’t been cleaned for a long time. After the soak, scrub the roof with the brush, focusing on individual sections.

Once scrubbed, rinse with warm, clean water. Inspect the roof when it dries to ensure there are no remaining marks or residue.

Cleaning a Roof Safely

When cleaning your roof, follow the same safety rules laid out for inspecting the roof. Use a stable ladder and don’t overreach. As you clean, be cautious of water and any slippery surface.

Make sure you keep pets and children inside during the cleaning routine.

Ongoing Maintenance and Cleaning: Some Tips

The best way to keep your conservatory roof clean is with a regular maintenance routine. A small spray of water to remove debris will keep the roof clear between washes.

Trim overhanging branches to avoid leaves and twigs landing on your roof.

Cleaning a Conservatory Roof

After cleaning a conservatory roof, you can return to your tranquil space once more, sitting in the summer sunshine or under a starlit sky. Bookmark these steps to ensure you carry out a safe and thorough cleaning routine.

For more tips on cleaning all parts of your home, head to the cleaning section of our blog for lots of helpful information.


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