Where to position the bed: feng shui fixed

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Where to Position the Bed: Feng Shui Fixed

When you walk into your bedroom, where is your bed currently placed? According to Feng shui, if you do not face the bottom of the bed from the doorway, your bedroom does not properly support your energy levels.

Feng shui is an ancient art that has been used for thousands of years. It was developed in China over 3,000 years ago and fundamentally it is a system in which the house has a good flow of energy. Arranging the bedroom to conform with the practice ensures that energy flows smoothly throughout the space and ‘feels good.’


What does this have to do with your bed?

Well your bed can maintain your energy of love and healing, and where you position the bed will affect the feng shui energy.

This can affect the way you sleep and all anyone wants is a peaceful, relaxing night rest so you wake in the morning feeling calm and recuperated.

Guidelines state that:

  • The bed should be in a commanding position diagonally from the door but not in line with it.
  • You should have a good supporting wall behind the bed.
  • Nightstands should be placed on both sides to balance energy.
  • There should be no sharp angles from the wall or furniture corners, pointing at you whilst sleep.
  • It is bad feng shui to have a mirror facing the bed.
  • Do not hang wind chimes or bells above your head.
  • A bed under a window weakens energy over time, and does offer proper support.
  • If you only have access to the bed from one side, this limits the flow of energy.

So there you have it; try to position your bed far away from the bedroom door and not directly in-line; try not to have anything hanging above the bed whilst you sleep; and position the bed so you have room on either side to have access and put a nightstand.

Make sure all of the points mentioned above are met and you should have a sound night sleep!


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