Stylish ways to decorate your bedroom with mirrors

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Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Mirrors

A properly placed bedroom mirror can do wonders for your space. But why are mirrors in the bedroom so effective? And, what options do you have when thinking about decorating (or redecorating) your bedroom?

How can mirrors make your bedroom better?

Installing your bedroom mirror in the right place does not just serve a functional benefit; it can also make your bedroom look bigger. This is just the beginning, though. The mirror will reflect light, which makes your bedroom brighter, while angled mirrors add an extra dimension to your bedroom and even reflect something in your bedroom that you love, so you can see it from any angle.

Mirrored wardrobes

Mirrored wardrobes cut out the middleman and give you a functional and aesthetic solution. The built-in mirrors mean you needn’t take up otherwise valuable wall or floor space while also giving you a space to store clothes, whether for work or hitting the town. If placed in the right place, it will reflect natural light, too, making it a three-for-one idea that will continue to impress.

Mirrors next to the window

Often, the space between the window and the wall is usually left empty, whether due to a lack of space or because you’re trying not to clutter the area up too much. However, by installing a long mirror in this space, you can reflect attractive decor on the other side of the room and make the most of the free space in your bedroom, which will also make it feel more complete, without overwhelming the decor.

Mirrors opposite the door

The bedroom door needn’t only be a way for you to come and go, you can also use the corner space opposite your bedroom door to install a mirror, which makes the space larger. Likewise, if you have a walk-in closet, a mirror at the very end of the closet will make this space even larger, too, and create the illusion that you have many more clothes than you need, although perhaps that’s for the best.

Mirrored headboards

You may not always see it, but a mirrored headboard creates an attractive focal point for the bedroom, especially if your opposite walls are patterned. Mirrors headboards are also a sleek and stylish design approach that is perfect for contemporary bedroom decor.  

Mirrors over the dresser

Placing mirrors over the dresser is a lot like mirror wardrobe doors. These mirrors serve a functional purpose, as you can use them as a way to do your hair and makeup or check yourself out if you’re having an especially great day. Besides this, the mirror can fill up space, too, and it needn’t be so large that it takes up too much wall space and overpowers the rest of the wall.

Mirror, Mirror

Even if there are days where you don’t feel the fairest, knowing how to hang or set up mirrors around your bedroom will make your room the fairest of them all. No matter where you hang your mirrors, you’re sure to transform your bedroom for the better, making it a great place to sleep or hang out.


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