Punch up your bedroom design: how to style your super king bed like a pro

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Punch Up Your Bedroom Design: How to Style Your Super King Bed Like a Pro

Even if “less is more” may be ring for most things nowadays, the same can’t be said for the bed. To get the most comfortable sleep possible, where you can sprawl out like a sea star without disturbing your partner and without fear of falling off the edge, get the largest bed that will fit in the bedroom. And if you’re lucky enough to have the room for a super king-sized bed, I encourage you to go for it.

A super king bed’s extra centimetres can make a huge difference. However, styling such a bed can be challenging, as standard bedding may not fit the larger mattress properly. This can cause sheets to bunch, blankets to come off, and pillows to become misplaced. To prevent all of this and enjoy your newfound bedroom bliss, here are some expert tips on how to set up a super king bed for comfort and style. 

Invest in Quality Bedlinen

When it comes to bedding, you get what you pay for, so always purchase the finest sheets your budget allows. Aside from making your bed look nice, a quality sheet is essential to getting a good night’s sleep. 

Pure cotton bed linen with a high thread count is an excellent investment for getting the polished hotel bed look. 100% cotton linens are naturally permeable, helping to manage body temperature and moisture levels, eliminating the clammy feeling you can encounter with synthetic fibres. In addition to being far more comfortable, high thread count textiles are smoother against the skin, so you are less likely to feel tangled up or imprisoned by rougher materials that cling, especially to nightwear.

When shopping for a super king bed sheet, you’ll find retailers offering fitted sheet and flat sheet options as well as sets that include both. A flat sheet rests flat on the surface of the mattress and may take more work to get smooth. Contrarily, fitted sheets have elasticized corners that you can easily draw along a mattress’s edges to ensure a tight fit.

Some people prefer to use both as it’s more convenient that way. A fitted sheet on top of the mattress stays where it is even when you move around. And using a flat sheet between you and your duvet can mean having to wash your duvet cover less often. 

In addition to the size, remember to consider the depth of the sheet. That is because if you have a pillow top on your mattress, standard super king-size sheets might not be deep enough to fit it right. Standard models are 38-40 cm in depth. For a mattress with a pillow top, you may need a 50cm depth super king bed sheet, or even a 60cm depth sheet depending on the depth of your mattress pillow top. 

Layer Up

Layering is crucial for producing a cosy and inviting-looking bed in any season. Select pleasant neutrals and textures, or play around with patterns and colours to provide depth and contrast. 

A quilt or coverlet made of light cotton should be placed on top of the sheets, followed by a duvet. When you want to see your cushions and layers, fold your duvet in half and then pull the top half back into thirds. 

During the colder months, use a duvet instead of a quilt as bedding. In the summer, you can simply keep the duvet at the foot of the bed or replace it with something lighter.

Also, including a weighted blanket in your bedding ensemble can be a wonderful addition, especially if you often experience anxiety or restlessness during the night. These blankets are filled with small materials like plastic pellets or glass beads, providing a weight range of approximately 5 to 30 pounds. The concept behind them is that the added pressure can create a calming and comforting effect, similar to a warm embrace, which can help alleviate anxiety and promote better sleep.

Consider a Reversible Duvet Cover 

Purchasing a reversible duvet cover makes sense if you enjoy prints or simply enjoy changing up your bed’s appearance frequently. When the top of the duvet cover is turned down, it not only offers two design options but also gives a bed a pretty new feature.

Bold patterns and colour-blocked shapes aren’t the only things to consider. A reversible duvet cover can still help those who want to achieve a white-on-white aesthetic in a luxury hotel; just keep it simple by sticking to stripes or polka dots with a plain neutral on the reverse.

Place Your Pillows Strategically

One of the best ways to add your personal touch to your bed is with pillows. You can create a hotel-style aesthetic using only white bedding, or add a pop of colour or pattern with a decorative pillow. 

No matter what kind of pillow you want, balance is the key. Finding what works for your space may need some trial and error. Here are a few examples of arranging pillows on a super king bed.

Luxe Layers 

With this tiered, symmetrical pillow arrangement, you may get a regal appearance appropriate for a master bedroom suite. Even though it calls for nine pillows, give or take one, it never goes out of style and offers several colour and pattern options. Getting the look:

  • Get four standard pillows for sleeping and stack them on top of one another.
  • To cover the breadth of the bed, stack two decorative cushions in a queen or king size.
  • In front, place two large 50-centimetre square cushions.
  • Lastly, place a long lumbar pillow in front.

Relaxed Refinement 

A double or triple decorative cushion arrangement can create a very composed and elegant appearance. Despite being straightforward and tidy, it has a pleasing aesthetic. You can try with plain colours, patterns, or even something with some texture for the cushion covers. Getting the look:

  • Get four standard pillows for sleeping and stack them on top of one another.
  • At the front, place two queen- or three king-sized decorative pillows.

Effortless Minimalism 

Skip the decorative cushions and pick well-made linens for your pillowcases if you want a simple, understated elegance. This minimalist and utilitarian aesthetic combines four standard-sized sleeping pillows with two little lumbar pillows, leading to a naturally lovely Wabi-Sabi vibe. Getting the look:

  • Place four standard pillows against the headboard in a vertical position.
  • In the front, place two more compact lumbar pillows.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

Those finishing touches that make the bed look complete? A folded blanket at the foot of the bed is an excellent place to start, though it can also be draped along the side for a more casual finish. It will help a lot to bring your colour scheme together or, at the very least, offer some exquisite texture. 

Next, spend a little time dressing up and organising your nightstands. Update your lighting, lean a framed image, or stack some books. A fashionable sleeping environment may be created with just a few minor accents!


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