More than a mattress: picking the perfect bed frame and headboard for your bedroom

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More Than a Mattress: Picking the Perfect Bed Frame and Headboard for Your Bedroom

You have a bed, technically. It’s a mattress laying on the floor. What you need, though, is a bed frame and a headboard. Even though you’re used to the setup, it always felt incomplete. Since you’re focusing on redoing the bedroom anyway, it’s time to pick something out that will be both practical and beautiful. Here’s what to look for.


Steel vs Wood Bedframes

There are two basic materials to choose from when it comes to a bed frame. The newer frames are made from steel or a steel composite. They’re sturdy, but they aren’t always much to look at. They tend to have an industrial look to them – that or an institutional look.

Wooden bed frames, on the other hand, are solid and warm. This is the classical version of a bed frame. While not all wood frames are made from solid wood, the best of the best are. Most of the newer wood frames are made from press board material with a laminate laid over it.

If you want the best quality frame, look for solid hard wood like hickory, maple, or oak. Even pine frames are better than press board though.

Attached Headboard?

Should you get an attached or a detached headboard? That’s something you’re going to have to decide for yourself. If you’re buying a new bed, consider choosing a divan bed without a headboard already attached. It’ll mean you can decide for yourself what kind of headboard fits your personal style and tastes best. If you’re buying a complete frame right now, you might want an attached headboard so that it fits with the style of the bed.


There are so many materials to choose from when it comes to headboards. If you go to certain online specialists, you’ll find one of four basic materials.

First, there are upholstered headboards. These are great for creating a stylish look. They may be comprised of patterned fabrics or they may have only one colour throughout. It’s also a very practical option, cost-wise.

A leather headboard is another material that’s very popular. These are great if you want a sleek and modern look in a contemporary, but minimal, bedroom. Leather isn’t always the most comfortable material to lean against though so consider getting extra pillows if you choose this option.

Wooden headboards are rustic, classic, and classy. They fit best with a country-style home or bedroom theme – that or a traditional bedroom theme. Consider painting and distressing it if you want that rustic French look.

Taking Space Into Account

How much space do you have in your home? Consider the height of the ceiling, the size of your bedroom, and the style you want to put at the head of your frame. Most headboards will fit in most bedrooms, height-wise. But some headboards will make the room seem smaller. Generally, this happens when you buy a large headboard, but have low ceilings and a smaller frame. If this is for a child’s bedroom, remember that children don’t need as high a headboard as an adult. Also, the width of the headboard can be modest if there’s only one person sleeping in the bed.


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