Inspirational nursery room decoration ideas

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Inspirational Nursery Room Decoration Ideas

Decorating your baby’s nursery can be a very exciting time. It’s a chance to release your creative self and create a special place for you both to spend time in. There’s actually a lot more to it than simply painting or papering the walls. Your baby learns a lot from the environment they are in, so you need to give careful consideration to how you can create a safe, secure, calming place for your baby.


Decorating Ideas for a Girls Nursery

Colours Schemes for Girls Nursery

Obviously this is personal preference but sometimes it can be nice to think outside the box when it comes to choosing colours for your baby girl’s nursery. Yes, baby pink is lovely but you don’t have to stick to these gender typical colours.

  • Young children tend to see contrasting colours better than colours that complement each other well, down to the sheer fact that they stand out more and are therefore stimulating for your baby. So don’t feel like you have to go for two shades of the same colour or plan your colour scheme carefully.
  • Deeper colours such as corals and dark purples can create more of a cosy and comfortable feel.
  • Purple can be a lovely colour for a girl’s room, particularly a lilac shade can be relaxing and soothing.

Themes for Girls Nursery

Delicate and feminine- This type of room can have soft, subtle pastel colours such as pinks, purples, cream, lemons and mint greens, with textures such as frills, bows, lace and soft fairy lights to add the delicate touches.

Traditional – This could be a whole variety of colours, but creams and lemons will be the most fitting. Framed pictures of Beatrix Potter characters such as Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle Duck and Mrs Tiggy-Winkle and stuffed animals. Also, giant building blocks with A, B, C or block letters spelling our your daughter’s name can really create an idyllic setting for a little girl’s nursery.

Clashing patterns – Knowing that contrasting colours stand out to babies more, don’t limit yourself to anything. Use different patterns as well to layer up a textured feel in the room giving your baby more things to look at and take in.

Decorating Ideas for a Boys Nursery

Colour Schemes for a Boys Nursery

  • Blues and greens are very calming colours and when mixed and layered with different shades of the same colour can create a really lovely, but simple toned effect.
  • Neutral colours such as cream, white and lemon can put a delicate touch to any room, crafting a serene and peaceful environment for your child. It’s also a good colour scheme to go with if you don’t know the sex of your baby.

Themes for a Boys Nursery

Woodland – Use burnt orange, browns, creams and greens to create a nature inspired woodland room. Finish off with decorations and stencilled artwork of animals such as foxes, badgers and hares.

Nautical – Blue and white are great colours for lightening up a boy’s nursery and can be turned into a nautical theme quite easily with striped walls and wooden furniture with anchor decorations. It’s also a theme that will last them once they’re a bit older as well, so you won’t have to redecorate quite so soon.

Farm animals – Farm animal wall art of pigs, sheep, cows and ducks with fresh colours of greens, browns and oranges can craft the perfect, fun and lively animal themed room for your little boy.

Blackboards for Nurseries

Paint one wall or a section of a wall with blackboard paint. This can be a space for you to be artistic and scribble silly doodles on the wall, and as your child gets older they can start writing on the wall themselves.

So, why not give some of these decoration ideas a go when you’re planning for the perfect nursery room for your little one!


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