How to achieve the rustic look for your bedroom

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How To Achieve The Rustic Look For Your Bedroom

One of the most popular home interior trends over the last few years has been the increasing influence of the rustic country look, particularly in the bedroom. It can inject rooms with warmth, comfort and plenty of style, so it’s hardly surprising that more and more people are choosing to decorate their master bedrooms in this way.

However, getting the rustic country look isn’t always easy. Some rooms are more suited to it than others, while budgets can play a part in achieving the finishing appearance.

Colour Schemes

Colour obviously plays a big role, so getting the walls, flooring, doors, furniture and homeware right is vital. For walls, it’s a good idea to go for gentle, earthy tones. Brown and olive are two of the most popular choices for this reason, but if those aren’t to your exact tastes, there are plenty of other earthy tones that will work, including some blues, reds, whites and oranges.


Real, dark wood floors are a great choice for an authentic rustic look, but it can be very expensive. If this isn’t an option, a plain carpet that complements your wall colour will be a good choice. Plus, one of the advantages of carpet is the extra warmth they can bring to a room.


Real wood is a must for your furniture, though. Natural or waxed pine can work very well and is often cost-effective, but fruitwood, solid oak and walnut are often stronger choices for a rustic look – especially those that contain knots and have unique features. There is a wide range of choice when it comes to real wood furniture, covering everything from pine beds to solid oak wardrobes, but quality is key to pulling off the perfect country bedroom.

In terms of what furniture you need, the basics – your bed, wardrobes and chest of drawers – are a must and can be complemented, room permitting, with a dedicated beauty space complete with dressing table and chair. A rocking chair is also a nice touch, as it gives the room a classic, rustic feel.


When it comes to the extra features of your room, throws, blankets and rugs that complement the room’s earthy colours all add to the room’s warmth, while brass candle holders, oil lamps and wrought iron fittings and door handles can complete the look.

Embrace The Outdoors

Finally, for an authentic country appearance, you need to embrace nature and that means adding fresh cut flowers and other plant life to the room. With this you’ll want to balance the outdoors with the in. Plants and Foliage do this amazingly and tie all the other aforementioned characteristics together.

An additional benefit of using plants is increasing the quality of air in your home. There’s nothing more rustic then the smell of a fresh clean and crisp morning. With plants you’ll get that everyday when you wake up without having to go outside.


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