Beautifying your home with natural light

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Beautifying Your Home With Natural Light

Decorative lights of different  shapes and colours are coming out in the market  that it has become so easy to picture out what you could possibly do to redecorate your home with these gorgeous items.

But you can actually skip additional expenditures on purchasing lamps, replacing bulbs, and spending more on electric bills when you learn to utilise more what’s already available: natural light. Give your home a refreshing look  and a distinct charm through these easy ways


Maximize your Windows.

Maximizing your existing windows is the easiest way to allow light into your house. Make sure that you don’t place shelves or any large furniture or appliances that may block the light. If you are however willing to renovate or add more windows, it’s better to have them taller than wider. This way, light is admitted better.

Careful with the Curtains.

You may not have any furniture blocking your window but if it’s hanged with thick curtains, it’s still useless. Thick, dark curtains are good, especially for the bedroom, when you need to get long hours of sleep and don’t want to be awakened by the morning light.

But if you’re placing curtains for aesthetic purposes, make sure the material is light enough for the light to penetrate. On sunny days, open the curtains and blinds and enjoy the sunlight just as long as the weather is not that hot.

Paint your walls Right.

White and light colours are extremely helpful to reflect natural light. This is very useful when the room have minimal windows. Avoid unwanted dimness by allowing lighter hues to dominate the area.

Be tricky with Mirrors.

Not only are mirrors great to create an illusion of space, they’re also perfect in distributing natural light. Make sure to try different positions before installing mirrors, especially if they are to be permanent.

The most strategic place to install them would be across a window. This will help in reflecting the light into different corners of the room, thus making the whole space incredibly brighter.

Complement with the Door

If you are willing to do a semi major alteration in your house, try replacing solid doors with ones that have glass. French doors or sliding doors allow light to come in better.  Also, it’s great way to showcase the beautiful outdoor view if you have a garden or a patio. Having a view will always make a room look well-lit.

Try Skylights

The  most clever way to acquire natural light inside homes is through skylights. Consider installing skylights in dark corners like the hallway. An alternative of skylighting is tubular skylight. It reflects light through a tube passed through the roof. To avoid unbearable heat, be sure to to shade them at midday, especially during summer.


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