8 types of unique bedroom furniture worth buying

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8 Types of Unique Bedroom Furniture Worth Buying

Whether you want to overhaul your entire bedroom’s interior design in a larger home improvement project or just want to replace an old piece of furniture, going for something unique can really make a difference. The bedroom might be a most private space, but having one that looks and feels nice is always important, especially if you work from home or spend a lot of time relaxing in there.

If you are looking for something that will stand out or elevate the overall design of your bedroom, then it can be a good idea to look for something much more unique. Thankfully, there are plenty of less-than-obvious furniture choices that can really change the way that your bedroom looks and feels.


While armchairs are not exactly unique in most other rooms, a lot of bedrooms never include any seating beyond a desk chair and the bed itself. If you want somewhere comfortable to sit and relax, then an armchair can be a surprisingly viable (and unique-looking) addition to your room.

Not only can these offer some great practical benefits, but they also tend to make a space look more refined and structured. If you care about how your bedroom looks and want to create a comfortable space for reading or resting, then a robust armchair with a nice set of design details can really add to an otherwise empty corner of your room.

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are not a cheap substitute for a regular chair, no matter what other people might tell you. They are incredibly practical, easy to store, and can be a godsend in smaller bedrooms where you can’t fit full seating in a single place.

This is especially useful if you do not have a desk and desk chair in there since you otherwise would need to sit on the bed itself. Having the option of an extra seat that you can pull out as needed is great for practical purposes, even if it is not a permanent fixture of the room.

Dressing Tables

While a dressing table might not sound that unique, they are not nearly as common as they used to be. A good dressing table can be perfect for getting ready in the morning, offering a compact space to store anything from makeup to deodorant while also (sometimes) providing you with an attached mirror and matching stool.

When you buy a dressing table, you are effectively buying a dedicated space for getting yourself ready each morning. However, most of these tables also tend to be quite nicely designed and aesthetically pleasing, making them ideal for people who want to nudge their room’s visual style in a new direction.


While some modern beds still come with headboards, getting a new specially-designed headboard option can be surprisingly useful for achieving a specific style. You can switch out the entire design of your headboard to alter the overall aesthetics of your bed – and given that the bed is a core part of the bedroom, this kind of change can have some major impacts on the entire room itself.

Headboards often come in quite a few different styles, with different patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes all being possible options. There are also a lot of material choices, as well as ways to further customize them through your own additions, like sticking up photographs or other decorations onto them.

Storage Beds

Storage beds can be ideal for getting slightly more storage in a bedroom that does not have much free space available. If you were thinking of replacing your bed anyway, a good storage bed could offer even more space without any real downside.

Storage beds are not really that unique visually, but they provide some practical benefits that make them ideal for any cramped bedroom. They can allow you to make a room look a lot tidier without having to set up even more shelving or stack up storage boxes in places where they might get in the way.

Filing Cabinets

While most people tend to assume that filing cabinets only really fit properly in offices, a lot of modern bedrooms can benefit from having this kind of easy layered storage. Whether you use your filing cabinet for important documents or just as a place to store clothes, it can be a heavier-duty storage option that works really well for multiple purposes.

This becomes especially useful if your bedroom is also a home office, allowing you to properly store documents and files that might be relevant to your job. If you run a home business, this might be even more important since it provides a secure place to store hard copies of files that you can’t afford to lose or damage.


Benches provide easy seating and can serve as a useful storage tool, with some units even being a joint cabinet or clothing rail design. While a bench might seem like a strange addition to your bedroom at first, it can be a great multi-purpose seating option that still provides some functional benefits to any room.

Benches are universally useful, especially if you prefer to avoid sitting on your bed or want somewhere comfortable to rest when getting ready for the day. Not only can they come in a huge range of designs, but some units can even have their own additional features or storage areas that make them even more useful.


Whether you choose a regular or storage-focused stool, it can be a very useful addition to any bedroom. While a stool might seem like just another seating option, they are also the perfect makeshift stepladder for reaching higher-up areas and may even have under-seat storage to help you keep your room clean and tidy.

No matter the kind of stool that you are interested in, they are all versatile and simple additions that can really benefit any kind of bedroom. Most of them are also quite compact, so they don’t take up much room compared to most other seating options. As long as you have the space to put them somewhere, having at least one bedroom stool can be incredibly useful.


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