Space saving tips for small bathrooms

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Space Saving Tips for Small Bathrooms

In a typical city apartment or even smaller home, bathrooms are not always as large as you would like them to be, let alone as luxurious as you wish they could be.

Older style homes often have baths with overhead showers, while modern homes are limited to showers alone. Luckily for you however, it is still possible to add more space to even the tiniest of bathrooms, allowing you to create an oasis of calm at the end of each day.

How to Add Space to Smaller Bathrooms

Depending on whether you wish to renovate the entire bathroom or simply add a few changes here and there, there are many different ways to add space to smaller bathrooms. Some ideas include the following:

If your bathroom has a bath only, adding a shower attachment can be done without too much drastic work. Ideally, this option works best if you have a single tap however, which allows the attachment to work with your existing plumbing. You can purchase attachments and install them yourself if you have sufficient DIY skills, or have them installed by your handyman or plumber if you prefer a professional job.

Fitting bathroom shelves is a simple way to add more storage. Wall mounted shelves can be attached using brackets, and used to keep towels, bath products and other items. You can also purchase wall cabinets if you have enough space, which can double up for storage and the all-important bathroom mirror.

Corner baths are a great way to optimise on limited space, taking up far less space than regular shaped baths. While this job is best left to the experts, it is worth considering if your bathroom only has a shower or if your current bath takes up a lot of room. As an added perk, many modern corner baths can be sunken, giving a luxurious touch to your bathroom.

Hooks and rails can also be added to maximise storage space without adding to the clutter, while from an aesthetic point of view, large mirrors placed over the bath will help add the illusion of space without making any major structural changes.

As a final bit of advice, it is best to avoid dark colours or busy wallpaper in small bathrooms. Instead, stick to light, neutral shades to make the room seem larger and more spacious. Along with these tips, you will be able to create the perfect bathroom, regardless of its size.

If you need help with tasks around the home consider using your local handyman services. They’ve a range of knowledge and skills that can make your home improvement a breeze.


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