How to revamp your bathroom on a budget

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How To Revamp Your Bathroom On A Budget

Is your bathroom looking tired? A full renovation might be out of reach due to the complicated logistics and costs involved, but there are several ways to revamp your bathroom on a budget. Try these easy ideas to achieve maximum impact with minimal cost. 

Refresh Your Cabinets

The most dominating features in your bathroom are your main fixtures and other eye-catching elements such as patterned tiles. The majority of these will be challenging to upgrade on a budget, but it is possible to refresh your cabinets with little effort and expenditure. 

Also known as cabinet refacing, changing the doors on your cabinets has the power to transform overall look of the bathroom. Try using a lighter shade to lift the mood, or create depth and atmosphere with carved dark wood.

If you don’t want to remove your existing cabinet doors, you could always give them a lift with a lick of paint instead. Make sure that the material is suitable and remember to use a moisture-resistant emulsion like silk paint.  

Improve The Lighting

Improving the lighting is an easy way to enhance the appearance and atmosphere of your bathroom. 

For a touch of glitz and glamour, incorporate illuminated mirrors with LED lights into your design. This will feel uber luxurious while also improving your visibility by minimising shadows and glare.

You could also explore the option of recessed lighting above the shower. This area is often left in the dark due to the danger of mixing water with electricity, but special recessed lights are perfectly safe. Hop on the latest trend and fit coloured bulbs for an at-home spa experience at a fraction of the cost. 

Install New Taps and A Showerhead

Handy with DIY tasks? Consider installing new taps at the sink and in the bath. Simply changing the style from stout to sleek or the colour from silver to brass can give your bathroom a quick facelift.

Warm metallics such as brushed bronze and gold are being chosen over and above chrome in 2023. These work especially well with neutral colour schemes. Alternatively, go bold with black matt taps which are delightfully dramatic against a white or monochrome backdrop. 

You could also fit a new showerhead for an improved in-shower experience without changing the shower itself. Go for a design that sprays the water in a variety of pressures and patterns, including a low-flow option that is a great way to save water in the home.

Upgrade Your Accessories

You can revamp your bathroom without any renovation at all if you are strapped for time and cash or lack the skills to do it yourself. All you have to do is upgrade your accessories for an instant boost.

Add more pictures on the wall, or swap old family photos for a range of sophisticated prints instead. Invest in a matching bathmat and pedestal mat set and make sure that these co-ordinate well with your towels.

You can make an impression with a bold colour and thick material or choose a more neutral and natural palette. Plants will add fresh energy to the space too, oxygenating the room and bringing nature indoors. Display these on your shelves and windowsills and in alcoves, thinking about the light and temperature needs of each individual plant and the most complimentary way to group these together.


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