How to get rid of limescale in the bathroom

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How to get rid of Limescale in the Bathroom

If you are worried about the amount of limescale in your bathroom, then you likely have a fair bit of work ahead of you. The main issue with limescale is that it can be so difficult to get rid of, that people don’t bother, preferring to let the taps get all disgusting instead.

You will find that with a few tips on how to get rid of the limescale in the first place, as well as the tenacity to really deal with the stuff, you should be totally set to get the job done easily, and fairly quickly. There are a few tricks that you can use, but in most cases of tough limescale, you will need to use a fair bit of elbow grease to get rid of it all properly.


The best way in which to make the effort that you need to go to less, is to use the natural acid occurring in vinegar. White vinegar is the best for this job, though all vinegar contains acid. Balsamic vinegar is definitely not the one for the job however.

You will find that leaving the limescale exposed to the vinegar for a few hours will brea the hardened coating down, which means that you can basically rinse it off. The issue with this is that most of the time, it is difficult to get the vinegar to stay on the metal.

With a shower head or a detachable tap will be fine, as you can simply place it in a bath of vinegar, and leave it to soak. You will find however, that most taps (which is pretty much where all the limescale tends to be)do not come away form the sink without a lot of unscrewing, and even having to deal with the water supply.

Instead of going to such an effort, see if you can work out a system by which you can leave a bag of vinegar taped around the tap over night. This way, you can ensure that the metal is exposed to the acid for long enough.

Top Tips

The best way is to take a watertight sandwich bag, or ziplock bag, and cut a hole in the corner or the bottom. Make sure that the hole can fit round the tap, and then tape up the gaps with gaffer tape.

This needs to be done neatly, or you will end up with tape residue around the taps and sink! If this seal is water tight, then you can simply pour the vinegar in so that it submerges the tap, and then seal the top of the bag.

If it stays in place over night, then you simply drain the bag, rinse off the tap and see if you need to do any extra polishing.

Unfortunately this is quite a lot of hassle, and leaving it overnight might be an issue. It will avoid you having to work hard on the job, but it can be a pain to organise.

Try simply taking the vinegar and pouring it gently over the tap, then bandaging the tap in cling film, and leaving it for a couple of hours.

The vinegar should be held in place, and then you can simply take a wire wool scraper to the tap, and you should be able to get rid of the limescale fairly effectively.

It will likely still be a bit of an effort however, as the cling film will naturally have some gaps, which means that the acid treatment won’t be nearly as effective.


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