Follow these tips before updating your bathroom

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Follow These Tips Before Updating Your Bathroom

When we choose to remodel any room in our home, it cannot be taken lightly. The task at hand is often larger than most realise going into the project, and can quickly elevate tempers and make you want to give up.

Luckily, there are a few things we can do to prepare for a remodel that will make the process much easier, and will allow us to have fun! And yes, you can have fun remodelling your bathroom.

You take pride in your home, and want to show it off to your friends and family, but when our common bathrooms become outdated, these rooms become eye sores. It can be awfully difficult to feel a sense of pride in your home when your guests are disgusted by the condition of your bathroom.

Over time, the cabinetry, shower and tub, and vanity will not only go out of style, but they can deteriorate, take on mould, and will eventually need to be replaced. Here are some smart tips for you to follow when remodelling your bathroom for a stress-free renovation.

Collect Everything You Need

You may not know it, but larger items such as bathroom vanities and countertops, can take weeks to arrive at your door from the day you make your purchase. With that in mind, it is imperative that you plan ahead and schedule your remodel around when you receive all of the materials needed for your project.

Before you even consider lifting that hammer or skill saw, make sure you have absolutely everything you’ll need, including all plumbing fixtures, the shower or tub you’ll be installing, and any tile or flooring you might install.

You’ll most likely end up in a world of frustration if you begin your remodel without all of the products on hand. Sure, it can be difficult to wait on the delivery of your products, but it is a much better alternative than having your bathroom completely torn apart and not being able to use it until your supplies arrive.

When your bathroom supplies are delivered, you’ll know exactly whether your bathroom layout is adequate or if you’ll need to fun additional plumbing lines or new electrical wiring for your light fixtures. Knowing this before demolition will save you hours of time, and will help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Consider Your Options

Looking to replace your old shower and tub? Have you thought about the materials you’ll use for this remodel? What about your vanity? Will the shower match the vanity’s countertop? What about your light fixtures and cabinet handles? Will you go with a more modern design, or choose a traditional or elegant design?

Whether you’re beginning your remodelling or you’re in the design stages, it is important to not only consider your options, but also research for the best pricing. Your bathroom, while not a room you’ll spend too much time in – hopefully – is a great way to let a bit of your interior design flare out.

Some home improvement centres have a limited selection of vanities and countertops available in-store, while custom orders can take over a month to receive. Visit your smaller, independent retailers and suppliers that specialise in countertops and bathroom tile, as they will be able to provide you with more options in a wider range of colours.

Even if the prices don’t line up with your budget, you can take this knowledge to a larger improvement centre and request specific products that you’ve seen firsthand.

Plan for Storage

We all know about the need for a vanity or cabinets to store our hair brushes and combs, toothbrushes, medicines and similar products we use daily. But one of the most overlooked elements about a bathroom remodel is the need for storage in the tub.

Many people choose to simply set their shampoos and conditioners on the corners of the tub, or use inexpensive plastic storage units that add unnecessary pressure to your shower head and diminish the appeal of your remodelled bathroom.

While you can install shower shelving for a relatively low cost, another option that you should truly take into consideration is to build storage into your shower walls. Once you remove your old shower and tub, install framing between your wall studs so you have space for your shelves.

If you tile your finished shelves, they will look attractive and won’t take up space in the shower. No longer will you worry about knocking bottles off of a hanging storage unit with your elbows, and you’ll have that much more space to belt out your favourite songs and become a bathroom superstar.


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