Easy steps to create your own finnish indoor sauna experience at home

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Easy Steps to Create Your Own Finnish Indoor Sauna Experience at Home

Are you dreaming of a serene escape right in the comfort of your own home? A personal sauna retreat might just be the answer. Aside from adding a touch of luxury to your everyday life, and providing numerous acknowledged wellness benefits, modern prefabricated saunas are now designed to fit within practically any indoor space.

Nevertheless, while indoor sauna designs are more affordable and easier to install than ever before, you should always plan carefully before buying. The aim of this guide is to provide step-by-step advice, helping you to make the right choices when preparing your home for such a delightful addition.

Consider Prefabricated Saunas for Easier Installation

When you begin planning for a new sauna installation, the diversity and range of options available these days can sometimes be overwhelming. But for the utmost ease and convenience, we recommend narrowing your search to brands that offer prefabricated sauna kits.

For the purpose of this guide, we looked at prebuilt saunas from Finlandia for indoors, as these are engineered with fast and effortless installation in mind. Essentially, prebuilt saunas are freestanding and self-contained rooms, delivered in kit form, including all the components you’ll need and simple-to-follow instructions for assembly.

Prebuilt sauna kits are available in various designs and sizes, from square and rectangular to five-sided for placement in the corner of a room. All of these are typically assembled using prefabricated panels and components, which ultimately saves you time and expense when planning your new sauna installation.

Choose The Right Location

The next step to creating your idyllic sauna retreat is choosing the right indoor location. Using a prebuilt sauna kit will make this process of selection much easier, given they are designed for straightforward installation in pretty much any space. However, there are certain practicalities to consider, such as electrical connection and ventilation.

Prebuilt indoor sauna kits typically come with an electric sauna heater, using either digital or mechanical controls, therefore close proximity to an electrical point will save you time and money. Prebuilt indoor saunas don’t need to vent outside, as they come with an inlet beneath the heater and close to the floor, while the outlet is close to the sauna ceiling.

Popular home sauna locations include basements and garages, bathrooms, spare rooms, and even attic spaces. But wherever you choose to place an indoor sauna, try to consider your own usage preferences in relation to surrounding rooms, including where you might change or other spa and wellness amenities you’re planning nearby. Think about how you will use a sauna and how that fits with your own lifestyle.

Essential Flooring Options

While prebuilt saunas are designed for easy installation within any indoor space, these self-contained rooms do generate heat and moisture, so preparing suitable flooring is an essential consideration when planning the most suitable space. It’s also something to think about when planning your budget and choice of location.

Ideally, an indoor sauna should be placed on a waterproof surface. Finlandia prefab saunas come with interlocking wooden flooring squares, which are placed on top of a plastic mat overlay above your existing floor. However, this can vary depending on the brand of indoor sauna kit you choose, as some leave your existing floor exposed.

The best advice is to speak with your sauna supplier, and check what flooring options are included. But as a general rule, you should always plan for suitable waterproof surface beneath your new sauna. Excellent practical options include concrete and stone, so long as they’re completely level, plus tiles or vinyl as alternatives.

Customise Your Sauna Experience

Just because an indoor sauna can be purchased in prebuilt kit form, doesn’t mean you’re limited to customisation options. Most of the leading prefabricated American and European sauna brands can actually be personalised, allowing you to make practical and aesthetic choices that ideally suit your own preferences.

Some indoor sauna manufacturers offer a choice of wood finishes, whether it’s thermally modified Aspen from Europe or beautiful top-grade North American Cedar, among others. Likewise, there are prebuilt kits that allow for choice sauna heaters and their control methods, plus lighting options with different shades and colours.  

Accessories can also add to the ambience of your indoor sauna, such as crafted wooden buckets and ladles or additional headrests and backrests, maybe a stylish thermometer or carefully chosen lighting options. You can also introduce aromatherapy to your sauna experience, using delightful fragrances and oils. 

Sauna Care and Maintenance

This penultimate step may seem pretty obvious to most, but don’t forget about the care and maintenance of your indoor sauna retreat. Regularly clean and inspect the sauna components, and make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for upkeep, as they will always be included when you buy a new sauna.

Your sauna supplier will also be able to recommend the most suitable care and maintenance products, ideally suited to the make and model you have chosen. These can range from the most appropriate wood cleaner to natural oils and waxes, helping to preserve the woods used in the construction of your sauna.

Relax and Enjoy

After carefully following all the previous steps, we’ve saved the best for last. Now it’s time for you to relax and enjoy this rewarding home improvement project. Your home will be transformed by incorporating the Finnish indoor sauna experience, bringing you a rejuvenating oasis where you can escape the stress of everyday life, surrounded by warmth and all the personal touches you’ve added to this wonderful space.


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