Creating a mould-free bathroom

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Creating a Mould-Free Bathroom

There are three words a homeowner never wants to hear; you’ve got mould. Mould is a type of fungus that thrives in damp environments and isn’t too picky when it comes to temperature. Due to an excess of water mould is most often found in bathrooms.

If left untouched mould can rapidly grow and in turn cause major harm to a room. You’ll want to do your best to prevent the growth of mould and put an end to it as soon as it’s visible. To avoid the damage that may be caused to your home along with your health.

Create the Proper Drainage

There’s nothing worse than stepping into a shower or bath and dipping your toes into water that somebody else has already bathed in. When your done cringing, realise that there’s a pretty easy solution to this objectively scarring experience.

Your drain is clearly not doing its job. But before placing the blame, the next time you take a shower see if the water is pooling in certain areas of the shower because your floor isn’t properly slanted to guide water to the drain. If water is pooling around your drain, make sure hair or other objects aren’t clogging it. If your drain itself is defective, try out a linear or square drain.

Install a Fan

In its early stages of growth mould is rather delicate and can’t withstand being pushed and pulled. A bathroom fan will knock mould off its rhythm by making it hard to grow. Fans also suck up excess moisture that would normally pool up around your bathroom and form perfect pockets for mould to form in.

Protecting Your Walls From Water

Most likely your walls aren’t made from tile. That being the case you’ll need to make your walls impervious to water. Water will inevitably absorb into your walls if you don’t apply the proper primer to your bathroom. Applying primer is the most important step you can take towards making your bathroom walls water resistant.

Getting Rid of Mould

If this pest of a fungi has already found a home in your bathroom you’ll need to act fast before it spreads any further. You can find cleaners that have the sole purpose of killing mould at pretty much any cleaning store or major market close to your home. If you’re up for making your own concoction mix three parts water and one-part bleach. Once you have your cleaner ready, apply it with a scrub brush. After you’ve applied use a rag to wipe away the cleaner.


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