Buying guide to floorstanding vanity units

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Buying Guide To Floorstanding Vanity Units

Struggling with your bathroom storage? A Floor standing vanity unit could be the perfect solution for you. Our buying guide discusses everything you’ll need to do to be able to choose the right vanity unit for your bathroom.  

Whether it’s simply desire for more storage or the search for ambiance and style, bathroom renovations are on the rise. While people spend massive budgets on remodelling their bathrooms in an attempt to reshape the whole experience, you don’t need a complete revamp to make your bathroom more appealing. Simply adding or replacing bathroom furniture will give a whole new feel for the room.

If you’re still reliant on outdated washbasins with bulky sinks and zero room for storage, it’s time for a little upgrade with vanity units. Besides housing the sink itself, vanity units can also offer countertop space in addition to the storage cabinets to keep your bathroom essentials organised and accessible. 

While vanities come in a variety of shapes and styles, they are primarily categorised as floor standing or wall-mounted vanity units. When buying one, you’ll want to consider the various factors that we are going to discuss in this vanity unit buying guide. 

What is the Floor Standing Vanity Unit?

Like other pieces of furniture, Floor standing vanity units rest on the floor, save this particular piece has a sink basin on top. They feature a combination of cabinets and, possibly, drawers that store bathroom essentials, keeping the room clean and clutter-free. Some larger units also offer countertop space to provide a home for your daily-use items with easier access. 

The most common vanity unit styles are:

  • Single/double sink vanity units
  • Worktop vanity units
  • Corner freestanding vanities
  • Traditional & modern vanity units

While wall-mounted vanity units portray sleek and minimal designs that suit modern bathroom interiors, most homeowners prefer floorstanding vanity units due to their versatility. In case you’re unsure if a freestanding vanity unit is the right option for your bathroom, here are some benefits that may sway you.

Benefits of Installing a Floorstanding Vanity Unit

Relocation is Easier

Unlike wall-mounted vanities that are fastened to the wall, freestanding vanities stand freely on the Floor, making them easier to move or drift. If you consider yourself a clean freak or someone who’s always looking to keep up with design trends, floor standing vanities allow rearrangement as long as you have the plumbing that supports it. 

Extensive Storage Space

With no actual weight limits to consider, floorstanding vanity units are designed to be bigger and bulkier than their wall-hanging counterparts. Besides being spacious enough to store various bathroom items, they can also feature a combination of drawers and cabinets that allows easy sorting. Thanks to the additional storage capacity, freestanding vanity units can be a valuable addition to a family bathroom.

Hassle-free and Quicker Installation 

With no nuts and bolts to tighten or sealant to apply, installing a freestanding vanity unit has never been easy. Since it simply stands upon of the floor, all you need to do is connect the sink with plumbing and drain outlets to make it functional. Make sure you set the vanity on a level spot for a sturdier installation. 

Easy to clean.

Keeping a bathroom spotless is always priority, and floor standing vanity units make it hassle-free. Many vanities are built from ceramic, stone resin, and sometimes glass that can tolerate most cleaning agents. 

Versatility of Style

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom into a luxury spa or aiming for a more vintage style, floorstanding vanity units have got you covered. The exciting range of styles can meet every interior design you aim for. 

How to Choose a Floor Standing Vanity Unit?

Buying freestanding vanity units shouldn’t be a blind guess. By following this simple set of questions you’ll be able to narrow down your choices.

Where is Your Vanity Going and How Big It’s Going to Be?

First things first, you will need to know where your vanity unit is going to fit and what size should be. This should be decided before considering anything else. Your size and position will all depend on your bathroom layout and available space.

With every house being different no two bathrooms are the same as each which have varying differences in it’s layout. The type of vanity unit you can fit in will depend on this as one unit may not be suitable for certain bathrooms.

How Many Sinks and Type of Freestanding Vanity Unit.

After you have measured the available space, the next step will be to determine the number of sinks you want and unit options there are that can accommodate them. Things again come down to your requirements and bathroom layout. Double sink freestanding vanities obviously take a bit more space in comparison to single units and you should keep this in mind. 

Choose The Colour and Finish

Everyone has different tastes and bathroom aesthetics are becoming more important than ever before. It’s important to choose the right colour and finish to match your personal style and the rest of the properties interior. With various colours and finishes available you’ll want to match your units look to your own style.

Choosing The Right Countertop.  

The right countertop will take the aesthetics of your vanity unit to a whole new level. Some come with your vanity unit though they can be ordered separately too. Like the colour and finish you’ll want to match this to your own person preferences.  

Consider Your Budget.  

The price of floor standing vanities varies significantly depending on the material, type, and brand. You may also have to include the cost of delivery and installation into the budget too. 

Final Thoughts

There are many things to consider when it comes to buying a floorstanding vanity unit. From considering bathroom layout to size and style of vanity, choosing the right option is never easy. However, by following our tips, you can easily get the floorstanding vanity unit that is according to your requirements.


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