Bringing the spa experience into your home everyday

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Bringing the Spa Experience into Your Home Everyday

We’ve heard it all before, life seems to be getting more and more hectic and we’re being left with little to no time to relax and unwind after a hard days work. Holidays seem to be few and far between and getting to a spa resort to recharge is near on impossible. So how can you bring that spa experience into your bathroom to enjoy every day? Read on to discover it’s not as difficult as you might think.


Minimalist Design

To create a peaceful feeling in your bathroom it’s imperative that you begin by removing items that are cluttering up the space. Old bottles, combs and the like should be tossed or placed neatly in drawers. Think ‘less is more’ and you’ll be heading down the right track.

A minimalist design doesn’t inherently mean the bare basics though. You can still incorporate little luxuries like contemporary bathroom accessories, luxury towels and even plants.

Clean and Lush

When you visit a spa you are likely to enter a clean room with perfectly folded lush clean towels. Do the same in your bathroom. If your towels are ripped, stained and have generally seen better days then now is the time to replace them. The same goes for soap, hand lotions and other essential items that are in need of being replaced.

If your bathroom isn’t pristine then take out the cleaning goods and gloves and start scrubbing. Spas offer clean, clutter free spaces that make you feel relaxed and indulgent and there is no reason why you should not respect yourself enough at home to offer these very same things on a daily basis.

Indulge Completely

You might not soak in a bath at the end of everyday but when you do be sure to indulge yourself completely. Add a few drops of essential oils to the water such as rose or lavender and fill the bath to luxurious depths. If you have spa jets in your bath remember to utilise them at the start for a gentle massage before relaxing back and soaking up the oils and slowly inhaling the fragrant steam.

You can add other spa like experiences to several rooms in the house, not just the bathroom. For example, create a small cosy space to relax into and read your favourite book. Or take a minimalist approach to the kitchen, freeing up the benches of clutter and replacing it with iced tea and fresh fruit.

In fact, organising, minimising and calming any of the spaces within the home will lead to a more relaxing environment for everybody in the house, which is certainly worth spending time on to enjoy many peaceful days in the future.

We know our lives are busy and that’s reflected in the bathroom renovation movement having taken on a life of its own, in particular the minimalist movement that continues its stronghold as one of the most popular bathroom design choices. Now you know how to create a mini spa within your very own home you can enjoy minimalist Zen like peace at the end of every day; now isn’t that time well spent.


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