Beauty, form and function: all about fitted bathroom furniture

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Beauty, Form and Function: All About Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Fitted bathrooms can add precisely the right proportion of wonderful to suit your bathroom space.  Fitted furniture is designed to exactly fit your space making it a favourite choice for bathrooms. 

Fitted furniture can be adapted to a myriad of décor types and is also available in many materials and designs.  It’s the perfect way to achieve a bathroom that’s tailored to your exact needs.


Benefits of a Perfect Fit

A custom fit is necessarily better than something that is a good fit or fits more or less.  Fitted furniture fits a space as if it were built there from the beginning and constructed to exact measurements.  Why lose an extra three inches of counter space? 

Why waste any space if you can possibly help it?  Fitted bathroom furniture is not only a practical solution, but a stylish one for many homeowners that want to achieve that perfect fit.  Because fitted furniture is mounted to the wall, it is also extra sturdy.

The Fitted Vanity

This is a common type of fitted bathroom furniture that can be both function and stylish.  The bathroom vanity accommodates the sink and the two often complement each other in terms of décor.  A rich wood hue might be the perfect contrast for a gleaming white sink. 

While a fitted vanity may come in finished or unfinished wood, some homeowners prefer other materials like cast metal.  The vanity may be large or small depending on the size of the bathroom. 

Some vanities feature a bank of cabinetry or even built in hampers.  You’ll be able to select a vanity style that suits your bathroom’s storage needs as well as its decorative ones.

Fitted Cabinets

A cabinet unit or bank of wall-mounted cabinets can be fitted to any spot of your bathroom.  Such units sleekly provide storage will adding a look of elegance to your room. 

Clunky stand-along shelving units can be put in the yard sale once you install the perfect cabinets in your bathroom.  These units can also help you maintain organisation in your bathroom and prevent it from looking cluttered or unmaintained.

Additional Fitted Features

Some homeowners choose to create fitted features like additional counters atop chests of drawers or a special cabinet for the toilet.  A fitted armoire adds a touch of grandeur to any bathroom. 

You can find ideas by shopping for fitted furniture and checking out various bathroom design books.  Custom fitted furnishings may be more affordable than you think and will fill a need better than other types of furniture that are simply meant to make due.

Shopping for Fitted Furniture

Before shopping, be sure to have your bathroom’s measurements.  Knowing the measurements can better enable a fitted furniture dealer to provide a quote.  Take your time to shop and try to choose a timeless style as this type of furniture is meant to be permanent. 

It is sometimes favourable to choose a style in keeping with the era of the home, for instance.  You’ll find, however, that there are plenty of styles and designs to choose from and, in the end, you’re sure to love how fitted furniture transforms the look of your bathroom into something singular.


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