Bathroom makeover: top bathroom renovation ideas and trends

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Bathroom Makeover: Top Bathroom Renovation Ideas and Trends

The bathroom is one of the most essential spaces in a home, and it deserves to be treated with the utmost priority. After all, this is your personal sanctuary where you can be alone with your innermost thoughts. The bathroom must be a space that seamlessly blends style with relaxation, and every element must scream comfort. 

Having a well-designed and decorated bathroom is the difference between starting your day on an exciting note or leaving the home feeling disgruntled. So, if your bathroom is not meeting your standards of style, comfort and relaxation, it is time to give it a facelift. 

Whether you are aiming for a functional, modern space or dreaming of a spa-inspired retreat, the world of bathroom renovation offers a plethora of possibilities. But wait! Before you envision rainfall showers and marble countertops, it is essential to take your budget into consideration. The average cost of a bathroom renovation greatly varies, depending on the scope of your project and your preferences. For instance, the bathroom renovation cost of an average home in the UK costs approximately £4,500. 

Once you have decided on your budget, the next step is to embark on an exhilarating journey to explore the different renovation ideas and trends. You will also get tips and tricks to get started on your renovation project. 

Bathroom Renovation Tips and Tricks 

Have a detailed plan

It is essential to have a detailed plan before you start the bathroom renovation process. The plan must include the materials you plan to use, the desired layout and your budget.

Measure the space

The next step is to measure your bathroom so you can create a floor plan. By taking proper measurements, you will be preventing problems with the functionality and layout of the bathroom. 

Set a realistic budget

It is essential to do your research and due diligence before starting a bathroom renovation project. Proper research will help you set a budget and prevent unexpected expenses. 

Work with a professional contractor

If you are embarking on a small-scale renovation project, you can do it DIY. But if you are completely overhauling your bathroom, it is best to hire a contractor who has experience in bathroom remodels. 

Bathroom Makeover Trends and Ideas 

Jazzed Up Walls 

The walls are the first thing anybody sees when they enter a room, and it is the same with bathrooms. So, if you are thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover, you can start with the walls. You can think of geometric decals, patterns, tileskin, colourful wallpapers or a fresh coat of paint. You can also change the tiles on the walls to spruce things up. 

Addition of Wrought Iron Shelves 

Wrought iron shelves do an amazing job when it comes to tricking your bathroom into having more storage whilst making it appear stylish and chic. These versatile shelves blend with any design style, and you can install them in any corner. It can be placed in the shower, next to the sink or above the bathtub. 

These shelves are trending in modern bathrooms because of their versatility and stylish appearance. 

Knocking Down The Walls Because Bigger is Better 

When it comes to bathrooms, bigger is better. Homeowners are not settling for claustrophobic vibes when they enter the bathroom. The trend is to have a spacious bathroom where one can relax and unwind. 

Hence, you can knock down walls to open up your bathroom. If knocking down walls isn’t an option, you can think of expanding unused space or increasing the existing footprint. Think freestanding tubs, expensive showers and double vanities. With this, you can enjoy the ultimate spa-like experience in your home. 

Utilisation of Smart Technology 

Technology has transformed the way people live. Hence, the trend of incorporating smart bathroom technology is in vogue. With this, you will step into the future. 

Smart bathroom technology will allow you to control temperature, lighting, music and water flow using voice commands or a touch of a button. You can also think of smart mirrors with in-built TVs or heated towel racks. 

Replacement of Oversized Tubs with Walk-in showers 

Oversized tubs are great for a good soak after a long day, but they take up a lot of space. Since the trend is to have a bigger bathroom, you can replace your oversized tub with a walk-in shower installation. This will help you reclaim a lot of space that can be used for designing a bathroom linen closet. 

You can even install a seat in the bathroom so you can relax whilst catching up on the news. 

Mirror Upgrades 

Bathroom renovations without the mention of mirrors are incomplete. Almost three-fourths of homeowners are installing brand-new mirrors as part of their bathroom remodel projects. Technology updates are driving this change. You can choose mirrors with in-built LED lighting or anti-fog functionality. 

Mirrors can be part of your agenda to transform your home into a smart home with technology. 

Green Bathroom 

Flowers and potted plants do not belong only to your garden, window sill, or balcony. You can get them indoors to witness their freshness and infuse them into your decor. 

Besides adding them to living room interiors, the trend is to include them in bathrooms. The bathroom is the perfect spot to place tiny pots of plants because they add visual appeal to the space and are easy to water. 

If you want to add a bit more oomph to your bathroom decor, you can install artificial grass on the wall. This will make you feel as if you are bathing in the lap of nature. 

Heated Floors 

If you are living in the UK or anywhere where winters get unbearably cold, follow the trend of installing heated floors in the bathroom. This adds comfort and warmth. 

The Bottom Line 

Add new life to your bathroom with these renovation ideas and trends. Turn your bathroom into the ideal sanctuary of comfort and style.


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