4 ways to keep your bathroom looking brand new

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4 ways to Keep your Bathroom looking brand new

Tired of your outdated bathroom and wondering how to update it quickly and easily? Whilst bathroom renovations can be a costly and stressful task, there are many ways to give your space a refresh without having to replace every fixture and fitting.

New flooring

An interesting or unusual bathroom floor is one of the biggest trends for bathrooms in recent years, adding personality and a polished look to any space. Popular materials include ceramic tiles, marble, granite as well as a PVC or laminate flooring to obtain a wood-like finish without the worry of water damage.

Whilst investing in new flooring for your bathroom can be costly and time consuming, opting for vinyl flooring is a great way to overcome these issues. Since vinyl can be placed over existing bathroom floors, including tiles, this is a task that requires minimal time and effort, leaving you with a bathroom that will feel brand new. Furthermore, with an abundance of designs to choose from, from retro geometric patterns to faux marble looks, this is a great way to add your own touch to a room .

Acrylic shower screens

Looking to open up your space and give it a modern feel? It’s time to ditch the shower curtain in favour of a shower screen.

Being susceptible to mould and mildew, making your bathroom look unattractive and feel less than inviting, shower curtains are often more trouble than they’re worth. On the other hand, shower screens are one of the best ways to keep a bathroom feeling fresh whilst also being cost effective in the long run since, unlike shower curtains, they won’t need to be constantly replaced.

Acrylic is a great material to use for shower screens, being extremely durable and easy to keep clean. There are also a wide variety of tones and finishes when it comes to acrylic, including clear screens as well as tinted or frosted options for those looking to ensure privacy. Additionally, if you’re looking to reduce costs and install a shower screen yourself, suppliers like plasticsheetsshop are able to cut these to size free of charge so that they are ready to use straight away.

Create a focus

Bathroom trends for 2020 have moved away from generic designs such as rectangular tiles and all-white interiors. Instead, homeowners are opting for bold colours and intricate details to give their spaces a personalised look.

One of the best ways to make your bathroom feel brand new whilst creating a focus is to replace the tiles. Opt for an on-trend colour, for example a light grey or taupe, or take it one step further by going for a uniquely shaped tile such as a hexagon or scallop pattern for a modern twist.

Another easy way to create a focus in your space is to add wallpaper to a feature wall. This is a lot cheaper than tiling, however it can still have dramatic results. Vinyl wallpapers are best for bathrooms as they are suited to high-moisture conditions whilst sealing it with an extra layer of clear matt varnish is a sure way to avoid peeling later down the line.

The right finishes

Adding some modern details to your space is a great way to bring it into the right decade if you’re not looking to undergo a total revamp. Shades of brass and gold, for example, are making a comeback in recent years and can be introduced in the form of cabinet handles, light fixtures or even a framed mirror over the sink.

Another way to easily update your bathroom is to bring in some colours that pair well with neutral shades. For example, if you have beige coloured fittings, black accessories such as towels and soap dispensers are a great match. On the other hand, if you have white fittings, a deep green or blush pink are colours that can help bring your bathroom up to date.

Lastly, plants are an excellent way to easily refresh any space, including bathrooms. Whether it’s a small succulent on the windowsill or a standing exotic plant next to the bathtub, plants are a sure way to modernise any space with minimal effort. Since bathrooms are usually quite humid, they are also a great place to keep plants alive, however faux options are the best bet if your space gets cold over winter.

Bathrooms are a great place to relax and unwind at the end of the day, so giving it some TLC every now and then will make all the difference to your mood. No matter your budget, there are many ways to easily achieve this, making your space much more comfortable and stylish.


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