4 great ways to renovate and modernise your bathroom

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4 Great Ways to Renovate and Modernise Your Bathroom

Every few years or so it makes sense to give our homes and living areas a much-needed sprucing, but in the case of bathrooms, a lick of paint often won’t cut it – a more extensive renovation is needed. If your finger isn’t particularly on the pulse of interior design trends though, it can be tough to choose a direction. To help, we’ve brought together four of the most exciting and worthwhile ways to renovate and modernise your bathroom – big and small, they’re certain to make a difference.

Sculptural Taps

The humble tap doesn’t get much of a look in when it comes to bathroom design, with many people opting for pretty standard silver designs or blocky modern mixer taps. Upending the poor stature of taps though is the growing trend for far more sculptural faucets. 

Contemporary, bold, and often sporting interesting colour and shape choices, a sculptural tap is the perfect choice if you like putting an artistic stamp on your bathroom aesthetic. Attach to a modern design sink for that luxury finish

Shower Enclosures

According to survey results cited by the Independent in 2019, well over half of people choose a shower compared to around a third who prefer baths. 

Showers are most certainly in, so whether you’re looking to improve your downstairs loo with a second shower, or want to get rid of your old bath in exchange for a smaller, smarter, more water and energy-efficient shower, it pays to consider a range of shower enclosures. From built-in designs which stretch all the way across the room and make for a large, luxurious space, to neater corner enclosures that are perfect for downstairs, make sure to pick the right one for your bathroom aesthetic.

Wet Rooms

How about the freedom of space by installing a wet room. No more bumping elbows into the shower screen whilst you are washing your hair. The wet room is great for an open planned bathroom space where minimalism and overall aesthetic are a pleasure for the eye. Carefully selected wall and floor tiles can really lift and be used to provide a luxurious finish to enhance that washing experience. Maybe add in a floating toilet and matching sink to deliver those futuristic finishing touches. 

Smart Bathrooms

With the market for smart home technology booming in the UK, more and more homeowners are taking the principles of home automation and using these to inform their bathroom renovation plans. 

There are plenty of interesting and hi-tech ways to make your bathroom smart. Get a smart toilet with seat warming settings, automatic flushing and lid movement, speakers and more! LED mirrors can tell you the weather, temperature, and time while you’re getting ready in the morning, and truly amazing adjustable glass lets you pick how opaque or transparent a pane of glass becomes – perfect for shower enclosures.

What are you considering for your next bathroom remodel? Let us know your plans in the comments section below.


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