13 tips to make your bathroom look bigger

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13 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

We would love a big bathroom, but that’s not usually the case, especially if you live in the urban centre where the apartments are squeezed. The bathroom is the most challenging area of the house to decorate due to limited space, little to no access to natural light, and the number of basic fixtures needed. However, when done right, your small bathroom can appear bigger than it actually is, and this doesn’t require you to spend tons of money. This article explores tips that can help you make your bathroom look bigger.

Design a Creative Layout

You must take stock of your space and design your layout when working with a small bathroom. You can get a lot of creative inspiration on Pinterest. Research how to incorporate mirrors, floating, and curved fixtures.

Use Brighter Colors

When designing your bathroom, you should use bright colors to make the room appear brighter and more spacious. As such, you should use the same flooring for your entire bathroom, and your vanity and wall color should be closely synchronized.

Install a Mirror Wall

Mirrors make a small bathroom room bigger as they reflect the space. You can use a mirror that runs from the floor to the ceiling or wall to wall. Large mirrors give your bathroom a lofty feel by creating an illusion of a bigger space with reflections. However, ensure you’ve got adequate space to be reflected in the mirror.

To make it look more spacious, you can install a light source near the mirror, the best being a pendant light. The light helps intensify the brightness, making your space appear bigger.

Use Black and White Colors

If you want to use dark tones in your bathroom but don’t want it to look small, you can use high-gloss paint on the walls and white paint on the ceiling. However, the paint type depends on the bathroom ceiling material, so consult a professional.

Make sure to install a wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling mirror and creatively install the light fixtures. This will give your bathroom a really mesmerizing effect, making your bathroom appear bigger and magical.

Frameless Glass Shower Door

If you are currently using a framed glass panel for your shower, you may have noticed that it separates the rest of the bathroom from the shower compartment, making your bathroom look small. Remove these framed glass panels and replace them with frameless glass shower screens. The clear glass does not section the shower compartment as it opens up the space, making it look bigger as it seems like one whole room without barriers.

The frameless glass panels give your small bathroom a cohesive appearance, as you can see everything via the glass.

Creatively Use Curved Items

You need to maximize the use of the space; as such, you should replace angled fixtures and fittings with curved ones. For instance, you can opt for a bathtub with rounded edges and ensure it’s installed at one corner. Then use a sphere-shaped shower compartment with frameless glass panels. And as for your sink, it’s not a must for a big one; you can install one in a corner, so make sure to choose a small triangle-shaped one.

Outfit Your Mirror With Light

We’ve seen that mirrors are essential in improving your bathroom and making it appear more prominent. You can amplify the space and reflections by installing a backlight to your mirrors, especially the one above your sink. It helps you eliminate the need for scones, giving you a minimalistic look.

Install Shower Curtain Near the Ceiling

If you’ve noticed, many people install shower curtains way below the ceiling, making your bathroom look crowded and not aesthetically pleasing. So, if you want to make your small bathroom appear bigger and have the luxury of a high ceiling, install the curtain rod near the ceiling. This helps the wall look longer and makes your bathroom look neat.

Let the Floor Be Free of Clutter

We all know your space looks small and cluttered when you use more furniture than needed. Clear up the clutter to make your small bathroom look bigger, including the chairs or storage baskets. You can also remove the vanity and install floating storage. The floating storage clears up the floor and keeps your essentials within reach.

Install Shelves on the Wall

Vanities take up too much space, which we are trying to clear up. So instead, install shelves below the sink and high up on the wall. Better, instead of solid doors for your wall cabinet, let them be made of mirrors. A wall mirror cabinet helps streamline your bathroom décor, making it appear larger and more spacious. Creatively position your mirror to take advantage of natural light.

Switch Plain Mirrors With Panel Mirrors

Instead of installing a plain wall-to-wall mirror, you can opt to use panel mirrors. Panel mirrors are best used to hide cabinets, brighten your space, and turn out a  clever way to conceal your cabinets.

Minimize Decorations

We know you want to make your bathroom feel warm and homey, but most often, the items needed to do that, such as rugs and artwork, may make it look small. Therefore, remove such objects and creatively choose functional decorations.

For instance, you can install a display shelf where you place your essential items, such as facial creams and shower gels. Instead of using store-bought bottles, you can transfer things like shower gels into trendy bottles that can double as décor pieces. The shelves not only make your bathroom look bigger but also organized.

Use Dark Colors for Your Floors

You don’t need to use bright colors alone; you can cohesively use both bright and dark colors. You can use dark colors for your floors, such as rich-colored wood flooring or patterned floor, and bright colors for the bathtub, floors, and walls. A light gray for your walls and white for the sanitaryware.

Final Thoughts

Having a cozy and spacious bathroom is everyone’s dream. However, your bathroom can be comfy but not spacious because of having many items congested. So, to make your bathroom look bigger, you must declutter unnecessary items, such as using mirrors, and install floating shelves. The above tips will help you renovate your bathroom to give it a bigger and more spacious grandeur.


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