Should you replace your old loft hatch?

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Should you replace your old loft hatch?

Whether your loft hatch is old and not very well insulated, or new but poorly fitted, you may find that you’re losing heat as it seeps into your loft space and cold draughts blow into your home. This could result in a whole host of problems, including condensation in your attic that could lead to damp and, of course, rising energy costs as you’ll need the heating on more to keep your home warm and cosy.  

Not only that, but older style loft hatches are often smaller and can present access issues, especially if you have to use a ladder to access the space. This is particularly true if you plan on using your loft space for storage as getting through a small loft hatch with a box of items to store can be particularly difficult!

The benefits and features of modern loft hatches

Energy efficient & fully insulated 

New loft hatches have built in insulation, as well as a seal around the edge of the door to ensure no draughts sneak through. By choosing a modern loft hatch with plenty of insulation you will be limiting the amount of heat lost through the space, which will lower your energy bills and help to create a more comfortable living environment.

Stylish, subtle and modern designs 

Here at the Attic & Loft Company we offer a range of styles and types of loft hatches and only ever supply and install genuine products. We have a loft hatch to suit any decor and every space, and a variety of ladder options to ensure easy access.

Quick and easy open and close 

Most new-style loft hatches are very easy to open and close, and come with a pole that can be used to work the catch and pull down the ladder. This makes modern loft hatches ideal for the elderly and those less able as they require very little effort and can be opened and accessed without the need to stretch or lift anything too heavy.

Large enough for easy access 

Older loft hatches tend to be quite small (probably to limit heat loss) but with new insulated loft hatches, you can choose to have the entrance to your loft made larger, so it offers enough space for you to come and go easily, even with your hands full. You can also chose to have your loft hatch relocated to a more easily accessible part of the house. 

Retractable loft ladders for safety 

For safety and convenience, a retractable loft ladder can be installed with your new loft hatch. They are lightweight, so simply fold up and away when not in use and fold down to offer convenient access to your attic space when required. We also install handrails inside your loft, so even those less able can access and exit the loft with ease. 

Professionally installed for a precise fit

Here at the Attic & Loft Company we have a team of experts on hand to install your new loft hatch. They will ensure the hatch, as well as the surround, are securely fitted into place to eliminate gaps and draughts and will leave your home clean and tidy. 

Here at the Future Lofts not only do can we do Loft Conversions but also supply and install a range of new loft hatches to suit your exact requirements. Whether you just want to minimise the heat lost into your attic space and reduce your energy bills or you want us to create a safe, secure and accessible loft storage room – we have the experts to help. 

Future Lofts work from Swadlincote but cover a range of areas like Milton Keynes, St Albans and Bedford. So whether you need a Loft Conversion, Attic Conversion, or simply a new loft hatch installing, we’ll be happy to discuss the best options for your home.


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