Decorating tips for attic bedrooms

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Decorating Tips for Attic Bedrooms

In most cases imagining an attic means you’ll picture a dark, cramped and dusty space that looks like anything but a place suitable for sleeping or spending extended periods of time. If you manage to decorate that space well enough however you’ll have a chance to transform that space into something completely different and likeable.

The bedroom located in an attic can be a great way to escape the guests around your home as well as housing family members in a location where they could enjoy some peace and quiet. Before you begin you should keep a few things in mind.


Keep things Small.

The thing about attics is that they are pretty small and offer small amounts of good, natural lighting. If you happen to use darker colours your rooms will look naturally smaller and stuffier, while lighter colours will have the opposite effect.

You should make sure you paint the ceiling in a lighter shade than the rest of the room. Dark, slanted ceilings will look overbearing and oppressive, giving it a dark and unpleasant effect. If you place a lighter colour on the walls you should still make sure the ceiling is a shade lighter than the walls so you’ll be able to accentuate the height of the room rather than sharpen its lack of space.

Paint the room in a Single, Solid Colour

By painting the room in a single solid colour it will look as open as possible. If you are worried about making more space or giving the illusion of it, then you will succeed that by sticking to a single chosen colour.

If the colours of the wall are uniform and unbroken by patterns, then the brain will see them as larger than they really are. If you choose a flooring of a similar hue, then you will serve to expand the sense of space you create that way. Keep in mind this only works with light colours.

Add Texture

Adding texture to the attic room can change the entirety of its ambiance. This will be especially useful if you have limited space to work with. The bricks of a chimney or some stonework can serve to improve the overall image. Finishes and texture paint will also add a good deal of character as well.

A Feature Wall

Making an accent wall can also be a great way to decorate. Pick a good vertical wall, preferably one where the slanted ceilings meet and paint that in brighter colours. You could use that new colour to bring life into an otherwise small room without making the space seem crowded and difficult to perceive.

Stand Out Features

Paint ceiling beams with accentuating colours to create a more beautiful environment. Darker colours on them will work great against a lighter ceiling, thus helping to create the illusion of space.

Appropiate Space

Another important thing you’ll need to work with is proper storage space. You could either setup some part of the room as a storage closet or you could use some of the narrow space at the ends of the room to store what you need , thus creating a less triangular room that allows one to enjoy its dimensions.


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