Reclaim your home with self-storage

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Reclaim Your Home With Self-Storage

If your home is in need of some re-organisation and de-cluttering, then read on for great tips on how to reclaim your living space.

Children growing up quickly? Running out of domestic storage space? Home overloaded with things you may want to keep, but have no room for in the attic, basement or garage? Take a look at Len Lothian Store & More’s helpful storage prices to see if temporary personal storage can help you to refresh your household.

Storage Packing

As a child grows up, so will their selection of belongings begin to change, therefore it is wise to constantly keep things organised. Tackle one room at a time and encourage your child to be involved, this way any transition is smooth and gradual.

Recycle clothes that have been outgrown or anything else unwanted, and then decide with your child what to keep and what can go into storage facilities. Len Lothian Store & More supply re-usable packing boxes and other eco-friendly packaging materials in their online shop.

Look out for archive files and folders for school letters, certificates and paintings as well as specialist book boxes, dust covers and furniture covers. These are all available if you are planning on a large-scale home refurbishment.

Domestic Storage

Old toys will suit Len Lothian Store & More ‘toy box’ product, which is sturdy and large enough to support all manner of childhood possessions. It is possible to create storage space in the home; the attic, basement and garage are suitable locations for a lot of storage stuff, but why not make the most of your living space and reclaim your attic space?

De-cluttering into secure self-storage units makes your house tidier and will update and refresh it to suit your style and taste. Self-storage enables you to keep hold of items of sentimental worth and belongings of rich personal value. Personal possessions, whether your own or your child’s, can vary in size – from cherished toys to larger furniture.

Len Lothian Store & More offers a variety of storage room sizes. Hire a storage and removals service in Glasgow or book up all-round storage support in Edinburgh; Len Lothian Store & More can ease the process whether you are plotting a home renovation or simply de-cluttering out-dated and un-used belongings.

Create space, recycle and move items into self-storage. Self-storage is a solution when you are looking to organise your wardrobe or update domestic furniture. Visualise your home after de-cluttering; this will be the encouragement you need to tidy and put things into storage.


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