Attic room storage ideas

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Attic Room Storage Ideas

Loft conversions are a great way to add value to your home, and can offer that little bit of much needed space without having to uproot the family to move. While the unusual, snug shape of an attic room may be a selling point, it can also cause storage headaches for homeowners.      

If your attic room is small, you really can’t afford to overlook any potential spots for storage. If your attic room is large, then you want to take full advantage of the airy space you have created. Either way, it’s essential to understand the many simple and innovative storage ideas that can help you maximise your space.

Fitted Storage

The sloping ceilings and difficult angles of a loft room can sometimes leave you with a dilemma as to where to put a standard wardrobe or bookshelf. The solution comes in the form of fitted furniture and units, designed to neatly fit the natural decline of the ceiling. If you have a larger loft space and are struggling to reach the higher shelves, then it might be wise to also add a sliding ladder.

Take advantage of the wall space around your windows and border them with shallow shelves; this won’t block out the light, and will actually serve to frame the view, and enhance it.

Sleep Smart

Go upwards, not outwards. It’s a simple trick, but if the attic is for your youngsters, then installing bunk beds is an elementary step to conserve space. Also consider purchasing a fold-out bed this two-in-one solution will provide you with a bed during the night, and transform into a sofa during the day.

Furniture Placement

Wise placement of furniture is essential to ensure you don’t waste your space. Slot in a cosy window seat under the slanted ceiling for a peaceful place to retreat to after a stressful day. Or why not be really creative and convert your attic into an en-suite bathroom by popping your bathtub in the corner of the room? This may seem bizarre, but it can add an intimate, open-plan feel to an attic room.

Creative Storage for Nooks and Crannies

A commonly ignored goldmine for space are the eaves of a loft. Here, different styles of small storage units can be installed to clear away the clutter. Using stylish baskets is an easy trick to contain your belongings, and they are often available in a variety of different sizes and colours, perfect to match any room size or decor. Floating shelves are also a great addition, perfect for when space is limited as they can be placed almost anywhere along your walls to act as a chic shelf to cache your belongings.

If your house is big enough to have a staircase leading up to your loft space, then stowing away your goods under the stairs could be an option, with some companies offering in-built drawers and shelves.

Divide up your Space

If you have a larger attic space, putting up partition walls can create a multi-room space that can offer hidden storage pockets and walk-in wardrobes, effectively shaving off the edges of an attic’s awkward shape. And why not make your partition wall a statement piece by covering it with bold and patterned wallpapers.

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