5 kitchen storage ideas for a tidier space 

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5 Kitchen Storage Ideas For A Tidier Space 

One of the most crowded places in a home is the kitchen. There are just too many kitchen essentials, plates, glasses, pots and pans, cutlery, ingredients, and kitchen appliances that need to be arranged in this limited area. It’s next to natural to feel overwhelmed thinking about how to organise your kitchen space. 

There’s no need to fret, though. The good news is that there are storage ideas that you can apply to get rid of an unruly kitchen. A practical solution is to seek support and help from professional kitchen cabinet makers such as Boyes Design Cabinet Makers and other reliable kitchen contractors.  

Consider the following kitchen storage ideas and get ready to tidy up your kitchen space as soon as possible: 

Cabinet Racks  

Once you’ve installed your kitchen cabinets and cupboards, the next step is to incorporate racks inside them. This could be the easiest way to increase and maximise your cabinet space. Keeping daily cooking accessories organised on kitchen racks is a great idea to reduce clutter. You often look for convenience and flexibility while cooking in the kitchen, and when your cabinets come with wired racks, you can find what you need without having to open all the cabinets.  

The racks can be easy to organise as each category in the cabinet can all be grouped. Additional racks serve as the storage for the subcategories of each bigger category. For instance, if a cabinet contains all cooking utensils such as pots and pans, the racks can be used to store measuring cups, peelers, whisks, tongs, and other utensils.  

If you have well-organised and properly designed kitchen racks, you can manage many activities in your kitchen comfortably. You can find a kitchen rack to suit every kitchen size, shape, and style, and they can also be used as shelves, allowing you to keep more cups and plates in one place. The next time you remodel your kitchen, pay attention to adding racks in your kitchen cabinets. 

Drawer Dividers  

Another practical addition to your kitchen storage is drawer dividers. Using drawer dividers helps you find the tool or utensil you need by keeping similar items together. While racks are used in huge cabinets, drawer dividers serve the same purpose since they prevent items from sliding around and piling up. You don’t have to struggle to fix a stuck drawer. 

Drawer dividers come in different materials, sizes, and styles. You can go for plastic, steel, or wooden dividers, depending on what suits your existing drawers.  

Shelf Risers  

Cabinets in taller spaces could mean some vertical space might not get maximised. While it’s possible to stack some of your kitchen essentials, the height must be restricted to prevent slips. The best solution for this is to use shelf risers. 

Using risers in cabinets will allow you to utilise that vertical space. Another perk of using risers is that you can easily remove something from the middle of the stack or pile without removing everything altogether. The key here is to go for sturdy shelf risers so they can accommodate heavier kitchen stuff.  

Condiment Carrying Caddy   

When you’re cooking, you need to use a lot of condiments to give flavour to various dishes. Going back and forth to the condiment rack can be troublesome and time-consuming. One way to solve this hassle is to use a condiment caddy, where you can store all your spices and sauces. This caddy is easy for you to carry anywhere within the kitchen and it tidies up the space too.  

This caddy storage can be placed beside your kitchen stove, so it’s accessible and easy to reach. Since you’ll be using them every time you cook, it makes sense to group them and store them in a portable caddy. Instead of keeping them behind kitchen cabinet doors, organise them in a beautiful way where they don’t add clutter to your kitchen countertops. These condiments caddies can be purchased from home improvement or online stores.  

Slim Rolling Cart  

Consider investing in a slim rolling kitchen cart if you need more storage. It doesn’t have to consume a lot of floor space, and since they come in wheels, you can move them anywhere and sit them in one corner if you don’t need to use the contents. Slim rolling carts are somewhat similar to condiment caddies, except that the cart can accommodate more condiments and ingredients.  

Due to the larger space in the cart, you can store more bottles of oil, vinegar, soy sauce, and other ingredients. In small areas, these are particularly useful since they can easily be pushed out of the way.    


Your kitchen doesn’t have to feel crowded and packed. With the storage ideas mentioned above, you can remove eyesores and organise all your kitchen essentials better. If all the things in your kitchen are necessary, there’s no need to let them go. Organising them and finding the proper storage solutions are enough to keep a tidy kitchen space. 


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