3 easy home storage hacks for diyers

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3 Easy Home Storage Hacks for DIYers

As the years pass, it can be easy for items to accumulate in the home and spill out into our living spaces. While household clutter is nothing to be ashamed of, having a surplus of possessions lying around can make a once roomy property feel claustrophobic and chaotic. Mess also indicates a shortage of storage space which is off-putting to potential buyers who commonly prioritise storage when purchasing a new home. To create a more pleasant atmosphere and wow any visitors, try these easy home hacks for DIYers which will enable you to keep your house tidy effortlessly.

Add Hooks

Storage hooks are a great space-saving addition to any room in the home. Traditionally placed next to doorways for the convenience of keeping frequently-used outdoor items close at hand but out of main rooms, hooks are having a revival in other areas of the home. Hooks allow items to hang in otherwise unavailable spaces making them a perfect storage hack for bulky household items that do not fit well in cupboards such as cooking pans and mugs. You can also create a simple yet highly effective storage space by hanging a bag from a hook and using it to store soft items such as shopping bags or children’s toys.

It could not be easier to install hooks in your home – even the most DIY-shy homeowners should be able to complete the task without issues. In addition to the hooks and screws themselves, the only equipment needed for the job is an SDS Max or similar heavy-duty drill. Using this type of tool will help to ensure that your hooks are straight and evenly aligned with minimal damage to the wall. 

Fit Shelves

Fitting new shelves is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to maximise storage space in every room in the home. While you could upcycle out-of-date cupboards to increase your storage options, having additional furniture will in itself take up valuable space. Instead, consider fitting shelves directly to the wall, or adding shelving to the empty space above existing cabinets. To maximise your use of available storage even further, utilise the space above doorways to showcase decorative or rarely-used items. Get inventive and use shelves to strengthen the overall design scheme of your home such as creating an indoor nature area with strategically placed houseplants. 

Beds and Benches 

Seeing as the bedroom is the place where we get our beauty sleep, it is essential that the space is as relaxing as possible. One of the most obvious bedroom storage hacks is to choose a bedframe with built-in drawers or mini cupboards, perfect for storing bedding, pillows, and shoes/toys. Another cost-effective way to maximise space and comfort in your bedroom or lounge is to build hollow benches underneath your windows, great for housing stackable objects such as books or games. Topped with cushions, blankets, and throws, these can double as a restful seating area which is considerably less heavy, expensive, and bulky than a traditional sofa. 


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