How to turn your staircase into something truly unique

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How To Turn Your Staircase Into Something Truly Unique

When you’re planning your home renovation project, it’s easy to focus on the big-ticket items: the living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. 

These main communal areas are what most people think of when they’re designing their dream space, and they’re the subject of most interior design magazine spreads. 

One feature that’s easy to overlook is the indoor staircase. It’s easy to think that a new or upgraded staircase will cost too much and be too difficult to implement because it’s a structural element of your home. 

In fact, replacing a staircase is possible, and a new staircase can cost from as little as a few hundred pounds up to tens of thousands, depending on the materials you choose and the size of the staircase. 

Even if you don’t want to replace the staircase entirely, there are also relatively simple upgrades you can try to make it look more in keeping with your home’s design theme. Keep reading, and we’ll explore some of the ways you can transform your staircase and turn it into a statement piece that accentuates the look you’re going for in your dream home. 

Seek Inspiration 

Many homeowners have achieved incredible glow-ups by making small changes to their staircases, and you could learn a lot from what they’ve done. One great example is this stunning renovation of a wooden staircase that required just a little paint and vinyl decals to transform the staircase. Examples of these projects can be found in interior design magazines or on social media, so check them out to find ones that inspire you.

You could find some unique ideas that you can emulate and adapt to meet your home’s style. Search for the material or shape of the staircase that you have to get ideas that are relevant to your home. This step is not only useful but also really fun- who doesn’t love checking out other people’s homes?! 

Look At The Material 

The material your stairs are made from will affect the type of makeover you can perform. Glass or metal stairs are harder to upcycle than wooden stairs, but all materials can be renovated with a little hard work and some ingenuity. Check out the material on your stairs, as well as the materials around them, like the bannister.

You can then work out what adaptations you can make and consider ways you can enhance your staircase. As well as the material your stairs are made from, you should also measure your staircase to make sure that you know how big it is and how much material you’ll need to enhance your stairs. 

Consider Practicality 

First and foremost, a staircase is a practical structure that’s designed to help you get from one floor to another. So, no matter what you want it to look like, you need to focus on practicality as well. Make sure that the staircase is easy to navigate and won’t be difficult for pets, kids or older family members to use. Many online groups talk about ‘death stairs’, which are staircases that look confusing or terrifying; you don’t want your home’s stairs to be like that!

If you have someone in your family who is dealing with mobility issues, you need to be particularly careful when it comes to the design of your staircase. You could also consider features like stairlifts to help your loved ones find it easier to get upstairs, no matter what the design of your staircase. Providers like Stairlift Trader offer a wide range of stairlifts for any staircase, so you can find one that will discreetly make it easier for someone with mobility problems to get around your home.  

Ditch The Carpet

Many older homes have carpeted staircases, which can look dated and be hard to keep clean. If you’ve just bought a new home with a carpeted staircase, you might want to consider getting rid of the carpet and leaving the staircase plain and painting it instead. If you love the look of carpet on a staircase, you could try using a stair runner. These slim rugs are designed especially for staircases and are held in place with either invisible carpet grippers or with more noticeable stair rods.

Whatever option you choose, a stair runner can be a fun way to upgrade your stairs and adapt them to the latest trends in interior décor. Once you’re sick of the colour or style, you can just remove the stair runner and get a new one. If you don’t want a stair runner, you can paint wooden stairs or polish metal ones to make them stand out without the need for carpet. 

Add Unique Lighting 

Inventive lighting designs can be a simple way to highlight the beauty of your staircase and make it look unique. Whether you use spotlights up and down the stairs or fairy lights wrapped around the bannisters, there are many ways to illuminate your stairway and create a stunning effect. Not only will a well-lit staircase look amazing, but it’ll also be easier for people to use, which will further improve its practicality. Make sure that you check the usefulness of the lighting option and that it is easy to use so that people can safely navigate your staircase with the help of your beautiful new light fixtures.

Each staircase shape will suit a different type of lighting, so consider what will look best where and use torches or removable lighting options to test out your ideas before you instal them. If you have a spiral staircase, for example, then a long chandelier hanging through the centre could be a stunning choice. On the other hand, a straight staircase could look incredible with small spotlights on the bottom of each rung. Think about the shape and the layout of your home to choose the perfect lighting for your stairs, so that you get a great look for every time of day. 

Explore Replacement Options

For some properties with very worn-out staircases or ugly styles that don’t look great, replacing the stairs might be the best option in the long run. Interior staircases can last up to a hundred years, but that does depend on the material you use and how well-maintained your property is. If the staircase is very old or the property was abandoned before you moved in, then it might be the right time to get a new staircase.

Also, if you hate the shape or material, then the only option is to replace the staircase with a fresh design that you love. It will cost more money and take time, but it’ll be worth it in the end when you have a stunning statement staircase in your home. To get the best value and find your dream staircase, make sure you talk to a professional stair builder who can give you ideas of what you can do and the best options for your property. 

Considering their size and importance, it’s surprising how many DIY and interior design fans overlook their staircases. With a little time, effort and ingenuity, you can transform even the plainest of stairs into a stunning feature for your home. These tips should inspire you and help you to craft a stunning staircase to suit your style and meet your needs. Good luck designing and upgrading your stairs! 


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