All you need to know about home lifts

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All You Need to Know About Home Lifts

It is guaranteed you are aware of passenger lifts; they are type of lifts you typically find in public spaces such as hotels, shopping centres and office buildings. However, you may not have full understanding of what a home lift is and how this differentiates from a ‘normal’ passenger lift…


Difference Between Home Lifts, Platform Lifts and Stair Lifts

Home lifts are different to installing a stair lift in your property, they are essentially a moving platform in an enclosed shaft. Home lifts are also much smaller to a typical lift, making them more suitable for a residential environment in terms of capacity and space available. Furthermore, home lifts are also aesthetically pleasing and less encroaching on pre-existing staircases. 

Home lifts do not have a particularly fast travel speed; therefore, they are the ideal accessibility solution for properties from 2-6 storeys – anything exceeding this may not be as efficient due to how long it would take to travel to the top floor! They are delivered in modules that allows for installation in as little as 2-3 days, minimising associated building works and as a result, unwanted project costs.

Platform lift solutions for households provide many benefits from improving accessibility, future proofing your home and adding value to your property. Many are surprised by the various uses of a home lift…yes, accessibility is the main reason to install a lift in your home, but if you plan to stay in your property for many years to come, installing a home lift now may help save on costs and still provide benefits. From moving heavy luggage, making cleaning easier and transporting groceries or laundry from floor to floor in your home – if you are not needing a lift for accessibility right now, you may well do in the future or, you may be able to host elderly family members with ease in the time being.

Although one could have a passenger lift installed in their property, this would require a bespoke shaft to be constructed and a lengthy installation period. Home lifts are available in a variety of models and footprint sizes. This means you are more likely to find the ideal solution and fit for the space you have available within your property to install one and, in a timely manner. Even if you do not have the space, platform lifts can also be erected on a property’s exterior, with specialist advancements to protect the unit from weathering. 


The customisability of platform lifts for your home is something that appeals to most customers, allowing for individuality and establishing an accessibility solution that matches or compliments the  surrounding aesthetics and overall environment of your home. Many home lift models have nearly over 300 colour finishes to choose from, alongside made-to-order glass panels, back panels, buttons and flooring options. The model, size and finishes you select for your home lift will determine the overall cost. 

Electrical Efficiency

Efficient and easy to run, platform lifts follow a plug and play technology relying solely on 250V – meaning you can power your home lift from a normal power supply socket within your property. As a result, home lifts are environmentally efficient versus needing to rely on a larger power supply to operate. Furthermore, manufacturers of domestic lifts are ensuring materials are recyclable (up to 91% of the overall lift unit).


Although they are not in public spaces or manned by a Facilities Manager alike regular passenger lifts, home lift providers can deliver maintenance packages that meet your requirements. This may again be dependent on the level of usage your lift endures. For example, if you use your lift for accessibility purposes every day, your lift will likely require frequent maintenance visits versus a relatively dormant lift which has been installed for future proofing purposes.

Maintenance of a home lift involves a comprehensive check of the entire lift and associated equipment, lubrication and can also aid in pre-empting any faults. Furthermore, home lifts are incredibly safe, with pressure related operation the lift cannot be moved unless you hold down the button/control operating handlebar. In the event of a power cut, platform lifts utilise an emergency battery back up supply, allowing you to get out of the lift in this instance. 

Home lifts provide a multitude of benefits to yourself and your property. Having a lift installed in your property is typically viewed as a luxury item, whereas there are cost efficient platform lift solutions within the market, allowing you to showcase the mechanics, design, and overall aesthetical compliment to your property. 


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