Skirting board styles for modern homes

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Skirting Board Styles for Modern Homes

Skirting boards are a common sight within homes of all ages and sizes. As traditional techniques are replaced with new ones, more and more modern homeowners are turning to up-to-date skirting board styles to really add a unique touch to the finish of the property. In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the most popular styles of skirting board, whether you’re finishing laminate, hardwood, or simply want to add a unique look to the base of your walls.

What are skirting boards?

In short, they are a stylish form of skirting covers that conceal any rough cut edges to flooring, as well as add a touch of style and uniformity within a room. Not only can they be a great way to add to the overall look and feel of a room – they can be perfect for enhancing functionality and making a space look more modern and fresh.

Which style should you choose?

This will depend on the interior design of your home, but when buying from sites like Metres Direct, you’ll likely feel spoilt for choice. There are so many types of skirting boards available, from pine finishes to MDF, and even sold oak skirting boards. This is why we suggest taking a closer look at the style of your home before making a decision on the right type of board to use.

Pine skirting boards

These stunning types of boards are ideal because they can be kept as they are, complete with the exposed and sanded wood grain, or painted to match the rest of the room. Any home refurbishments can stand to benefit from pine skirting, as it adds a touch of freshness, style, elegance and class – without having to spend a small fortune. Pine can also be finished as mentioned above via painting, staining, oil-finishing, or simple lacquering if preferred.

Hardwood (oak) skirting boards

If you’re going for a classic style and want to opt for a skirting board that won’t warp, while boasting a luxury finish – oak could be the way to go. Not only is this type of skirting board a great way to enhance the look of a home, but it’s also strong and water and weather resistant due to its hardwood nature (and can be finished in a variety of ways). Oak has always been a firm favourite among the classier homes on the market and if you have oak flooring, you could find it complemented even further by the presence of a skirting board made from the same material.

MDF skirting boards

A pleasant option for those on a budget, but not wanting to miss out on the potential of weather protection, style and aesthetic appeal – MDF skirting boards can be an ideal solution. These boards come in a range of colours, often feature a hard laminated and painted outer surface for extra longevity, and can be fitted with ease.

Final thoughts

These are just a selection of skirting board types and there are many more out there with a variety of features, functions and appearances. At least one of them is guaranteed to suit your particular project, so feel free to explore the products on offer before deciding on the right one for you and your home.


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